2017: Sue’s One-Year ‘Soul Care’ Discovery Journey…

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‘Soul Care’ Discovery:[1]Soul Care’ is being content to be the flower God created me to be.

I will care for my soul by:

  • accepting my unique design.
  • embracing my life purpose.
  • enjoying each new day of my journey.
  • remembering I am cherished by God—simply as I am.
  • never losing awareness I have an enemy of my soul who wants to remind me often that I am “less than…”

I will seek to avoid:

  • belittling God’s handiwork—mine or any other’s.
  • minimizing the good work God gives me to do.
  • comparing my design to anyone else’s.
  • complaining!

‘Soul Care’ Practice: It all sounds good, even pretty spiritual, huh? But, where the rubber of my faith meets the road of everyday life, what does this ‘soul care’ discovery look like? The Lord gave me the opportunity to practice in a small way this morning at the gym.

     I like to walk on the track at the Kroc Center. Every other day, walkers are asked to move in a different direction. This morning a lady was walking in the wrong direction. It was distracting and obviously caused some consternation for other walkers. One lady snapped, “Doesn’t she know she’s SUPPOSED to go this way!” I heard another walker mumble, “I bet she’s a liberal!” Sheesh!

     Here’s the awareness I had about my soul. (It’s important to remember, I am responsible only for my soul!) While I didn’t say anything aloud, I found myself thinking snarky thoughts about this woman. THEN, I was reminded of my ‘soul care’ commitment to avoid belittling and complaining. So, I made the conscious decision to round up that thought and change my pattern of thinking!

     It’s only a small step, but I was pleased by the ‘soul’ reminder I received and acted upon. As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said,

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Wishing you success on your journey of ‘soul care!’

Sue Reeve

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