A Small Kindness can have a Powerful Impact

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     My chilly ears chided me for not remembering to wear a hat on our afternoon walk along the lake. Brilliant sunshine had seduced me into thinking it was warmer than it really was, and I was reminded mid-February in Coeur d’Alene is still winter!

     My ears complained right around the same time I saw a sight I’d never seen on our familiar walking route. Two rows of zip lock bags, each containing a hand-knitted hat, hung from multi-colored yarn on the rail of a walkway leading to the lake. A sweet note taped to the front of each bag welcomed chilly sojourners to help themselves. The note said:

I’m not lost! If you need me to keep warm, I’m yours!

Be warm, be happy, and share kindness wherever you can.


     The hot pink and silver knitted cap I chose kept my chilly ears happy during the remainder of our winter’s day walk.

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     I was moved by this simple, kind gesture. A stranger’s act of generosity stirred a desire in me to do likewise. It didn’t take me long to figure out how I wanted to do that. I would send a financial gift to Kat Swick, a young woman who has demonstrated more generosity in her 20 something years on this earth than I have in my lifetime.

     Kat graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in fashion design. The young professional woman was enjoying the challenge and success of a start-up clothing business when she heard a speaker whose message about the worldwide scourge of sex trafficking turned Kat’s comfortable, middle-class world upside down.

     Today, Kat is working in Cambodia, a hub for human trafficking, with young women who’ve been rescued from the hideous chains of sex slavery. Kat, along with a team of Christ-followers who want to make a difference in the world in which God has placed them, is helping women learn clothing manufacturing skills. These skills will provide the ticket to a new life for many girls and young women who were destined to an existence of unspeakable abuse, disease and early death. (If you’d like to hear more about the work Kat is doing, you may contact her for updates via e-mail at kat@aim4asia.org).

     The outcome of a simple act of kindness cannot be quantified. Unknown is the full potential of a tiny seed not yet sown. Yet, both, when planted, possess potent power. Their influence can be tremendous. Their impact may be far-reaching.

     Perhaps 7,607 miles—the distance from Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

     This realization makes me want to sow more seeds of kindness.

     How about you?

     Blessings on your kind and generous journey…

Sue Reeve


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  1. Kindness is such a wonderful ” contagious” journey. Love listening to these wonderful stories, Sue! Please keep them coming!!

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