An Invitation to Make a Pilgrimage

We have received an invitation. We are invited to make a pilgrimage—into the heart and life of God.

…Dallas Willard

     Pilgrims journey to sacred places—often located far away—to experience God anew and afresh.

     This pilgrim’s weary body sunk into her familiar, comfortable bed at 12:45 a.m. last Monday. After more than 24 hours of grueling travel, it felt mighty good to be home again!

     My long-anticipated educational pilgrimage to Spain is now history. No doubt, it will take the remainder of my lifetime to sort through and process the recent eleven-day trek of discovery during which I was able to experience God in new, fresh ways.

     More thoughts (and pictures) about my time in Spain will follow, but today, I want to focus on wise words written by Dallas Willard, reminding us we don’t need to travel to faraway, geographic locations to make a pilgrimage.

     God is always inviting me—and you—to journey more deeply into the mystery of faith, into the very heart and life of the Divine.

     So, friend and fellow pilgrim, let’s keep journeying on!

Asking God to give us joy in our pilgrim journeys…

Sue Reeve

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