Celebrating Our Stories – ‘Little Old Ladies’ in Our Story

     ‘Little Old Ladies.’

          I used to be aware of ‘them.

               Now, I’m aware I’m ‘one of them.’

     Perhaps, that’s why I loved a story our children’s pastor at Lake City Church told about a special ‘little old lady’ who played a role in his journey of faith and vocation. This is how I recall Andrew’s story, .

     From a young age, Andrew was certain he was meant to be a pastor like his dad. Throughout the years, he felt this ‘calling’ was confirmed more than once, and he chose a Christian college to pursue higher education.

     Andrew described himself as a good student but never top in his class. That is, until he took an elective course in business. He enjoyed the class, excelled in the coursework and began to wonder. Perhaps he hadn’t heard correctly from God over the years. He considered all the reasons it might be a good plan to change his major from ministry to business. Certainly, the pay would be better!

     Andrew made an appointment with a college counselor to discuss this possibility. The evening before the appointment, he was hard at work at his part-time job waiting tables at a local eatery.

     Balancing trays laden with dirty dishes, Andrew was returning to the kitchen when a ‘little old lady’ he’d never seen before stopped him. “Young man,” she said, “I believe I have a word from God for you.” Heavy trays wobbling in either hand, he stopped. “God wants you to know your first choice is the right choice. Does that make sense?” Astonished, Andrew told the ‘little old lady,’ “As a matter of fact, it does.” Then, the college junior who’d been mulling over future moves, delivered his teetering load to the kitchen.

     The next morning, Andrew cancelled his appointment with the counselor! Fortunate for our faith community, he followed his first choice.

     Andrew’s story made my heart sing. What a courageous’ little old lady,’ I thought. I sure would like to have that kind of gutsy faith.

     I’m convinced becoming the kind of ‘old lady’ who spoke so bravely into Andrew’s life requires a level of intentionality. In my last post, I shared with you what I call my ‘Maturity Manifesto:’

I will grow old with grace, dignity and a sense of humor.

     After hearing Andrew’s inspirational story, perhaps I should consider changing it to read,

     I will grow old with grace, dignity, COURAGE and a sense of humor.

No matter where you are on the age spectrum, I’m praying for you…

Sue Reeve

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