Celebrating Our Stories – Where They Begin & How They Continue…

This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior all the day long.
~ Frances Crosby, 1873

     Every story starts somewhere. If we believe Scripture, we discover our stories began even before the creation of the universe. (See Ephesians 1:4) Before there were stars in the sky or fish in the sea, God was considering your story.

Before there were stars in the sky, God was in your story. (The Milky Way from Ennis, Montana by R. Reeve)

     I’ve entertained the mind-boggling thought that before the creation of the universe, God the Father, Son and Spirit discussed a gal named Sue who would live during the 21st Century in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. God, I believe, also discussed you!

     Furthermore, God considered our creations masterpieces and chose us to do good work (Ephesians 2:10). My good work would include being a wife, mom, grandma, marketplace worker before serving in a local church, and the writer of a simple blog dedicated to listening to a Divine voice on life’s journey.

Before there were fish in the sea, you were known to God as a masterpiece. (Sunrise on the Atlantic, Ocean by R. Reeve)

     My design would include light complexion and blue eyes, passed down from generations of grandparents whose stories would impact mine. My deepest desire would be to receive and give love. The prism through which I’d view the world would be through a glass half-full.

     The good work God chose me to do wouldn’t require adeptness at sports, good coordination, sense of direction or rhythm. My musical ability would be limited to a marginally good pitch in order to sing tunes like ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to babies I cherished rocking and cuddling.

     From an early age, the concept of God the Father, Son and Spirit, would resonate in my sensitive, contemplative-designed spirit. As I grew and matured, I would be intrigued by the mystery of God. An invisible cord of spiritual fascination would tug at my soul and create a longing to glimpse bits of the Divine through the dimly lit mirror of faith.

     My God design would be curious, fancy knowledge and appreciate words. I would never lose the excitement I felt when I learned to read, forever remembering Dick, Jane, Sally, Mother, Father, Spot and Puff—the fictional but oh-so-real characters I met in my first-grade reading primers. From a young age I would hope one day to write stories that touched lives.

     My story would be filled with blunders, periods of momentum, but also lots of times when the steps I took backward would outnumber those taken forward.

     Your design is different than mine because God needs you for a different type of good work.

     Each one of us is unique. Our distinctive designs reflect aspects of God’s character. Each masterpiece designed by God matters and is vital to the world in which he or she is placed.

     Lately, I’ve been pondering the significance of stories. Because mine is the story I know best, I will generally be the protagonist. My hope is that in reading bits of my story, you will step into your own story and reflect on ways in which God has intersected the Story of You.

     Until we meet again, I’m praying your story will be blessed…

Sue Reeve

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