Celebrating the Gift of “Moving on…”

Sue Reeve

     Today is the final day of the year. 2015 marked a first for me—launching this Listening on YOUR Journey blog. Two or three years ago, someone suggested I write a blog. I didn’t even know what that meant, but decided to check it out. First, I began reading different blogs and realized some good words are being sent forth by some good people. Perhaps this was the writing route I should consider! Ideas began tumbling around in my head.

     But, I kept running into a major barrier. I don’t enjoy technology and have no aptitude for it. Nothing about it fascinates me. I don’t care how it works, but only want someone to tell me which button I need to push in order to do what I want—or need—a specific program to do. I knew myself well enough to realize there was no way I would learn how to set up a website and blog—no matter what ‘user friendly’ assurance was given. Then, while attending a writers’ conference, I chose a workshop presented by a young man who was a tech wizard. During the presentation, he spoke words that resonated. In essence, he said, “You’ve been called to write so why are you spending your time trying to figure out technology? People like me thrive on everything technological, and we need money to help us do what we love to do. So, pay us, and you, write!”

     I began looking for that special techie who could help me. One day in church, my eyes landed on a man I was acquainted with only casually but knew worked in the field of technology. I approached Stephen about helping me set up a website with blog. He was willing to talk. He respected my vision. He started designing. All I needed to do was give him a check—and keep writing.

     Eventually, “Listening…” was launched. I write and send posts to Stephen. Using his tech ability, he places them in a queue. I’m amazed when they appear magically each Monday and Thursday morning by 7 a.m. on both www.suereeve.com and Facebook. Stephen acts like it’s no big deal to do what he does, but to me it’s HUGE.  Without his expertise and patience, I’d still be wondering how to write what’s in my heart—what I feel God has ‘called’ me to do. In addition to Stephen, my friend, Connie, and husband, Ron, have provided great photos to brighten up and add interest to the posts. Indeed, we need one another, and together we are better!

     I once heard a Christian musician talk about her ministry journey, and she said something I’ve never forgotten: Whom God calls, God equips! More than ever before, I’ve seen that God will provide what I need to do the good work I’ve been called to do.

     I have loved writing every single blog post. Your comments of encouragement and Facebook “Likes” have brought me a lot of joy. Some of your stories have touched me deeply. One young woman, who’s spent the past two years working diligently to turn her life around in a woman’s shelter, told me the blog posts have inspired her to keep moving forward. Comments like that fuel me to keep writing!

     I’ve appreciated your willingness to “Share” blog posts with your friends. That’s a good gift you give me. I want to assure you that you’re often remembered in my prayers. So, as we say, “farewell” to 2015 and journey into 2016, I’m asking God for

Blessings as you listen on YOUR journey!


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Beautiful wreath lighting up the Coeur d’Alene Resort

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Gift of “Moving on…”

  1. Thank you for you words to each of us. You are indeed a blessing, Sue. I love reading your blogs and know others are touched as well. I am grateful to the Stephens of our world who make this possible. I am grateful to the Sues of this world who share their gift of writing with us. You are an awesome woman of God and I am so blessed to know you. Many blessings to you in 2016 and I can hardly wait to see what God has in store.

    1. Happy New Year, Barbara, to you and Mike. And…I am thankful to the Barbaras of our world who share the gifts God has given them with the grace, vulnerability and humility with which you share! I’m with your sense of anticipation about 2016! Each day, I want to pray, “Okay, God, surprise us!!”

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