Celebrating the Good Gift of “Purpose”…

Sue Reeve

I imagine this beautiful doe’s purpose is to find sufficient food. Thanks to Connie Lloyd for sharing this magnificent photo with us.

     During the many years I worked for state government, I participated in a number of staff exercises during which a group of employees was tasked with developing organizational statements such as mission statements, value statements and purpose statements. Because I enjoy crafting words, I liked this type of assignment.

     A purpose statement is the motivational force driving an individual or organization to do what they do. According to business coach, Kristen Gielow, “Purpose goes deeper and will outlast the product you are selling or a business goal you are striving to achieve.”

     Value Statements are core characteristics guiding your behaviors and decisions.

     When I decided to write Listening on the Journey, I gave serious thought to my purpose for writing as well as considering the core values I wanted to guide me. As a result, I developed my own purpose and mission statements:

My purpose as a writer is to point readers to a never-changing God in

an ever-changing world.

The core values I will seek to guide my behaviors and decisions:

Authenticity . Generosity . Grace . Integrity . Kindness . Quality . Wisdom

     The ‘purpose statement’ of Jesus was written hundreds of years before his birth and earthly ministry. The words were recorded by the prophet, Isaiah, describing the Messiah who would one day come. (See Isaiah 61:1 & 2). The way Jesus announced his ‘purpose statement’ is described in Luke 4:17-21:

The scroll of Isaiah the prophet was handed to him. He unrolled the scroll and found the place where this was written:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released,
that the blind will see,
that the oppressed will be set free, and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.”

 He rolled up the scroll, handed it back to the attendant, and sat down. All eyes in the synagogue looked at him intently. Then he began to speak to them. “The Scripture you’ve just heard has been fulfilled this very day!”

     The last time we met, I told you that during these December weeks leading up to Christmas, in each blog post I want to thank God for one good gift.

Dear God, Today, I thank you for the gift of purpose. Thank you for showing us through Scripture how Jesus lived out his divine purpose, and thanks for creating each one of us for a good purpose.


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This nativity scene–one we’ve enjoyed in our home for many years—is always displayed in a prominent place during the Christmas season.

Listening on YOUR Journey….

  • What are your God-given purpose and core values? If you’ve never considered this before, perhaps it would help to fill in these blanks:
    • My purpose as __________________________________________ is to_______________________________________________________.
    • The core values guiding my purpose are: _______________________________________,_______________________________ , _______________ , _____________________.

    Blessings during these busy weeks!


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    I imagine this beautiful doe’s purpose is to find sufficient food. Thanks to Connie Lloyd for sharing this magnificent photo with us

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