Focusing on Gratitude…..

     Each five-year anniversary, my husband and I try to take a special vacation. On June 8th of this year, we celebrated our 40th. Our landmark getaway was postponed until October because we wanted to experience a New England autumn together. We returned yesterday from a trip that took us to Boston, Vermont, the Berkshires in northern Massachusetts and beyond.

     Today is the first Monday in November. Since we as a nation will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks, I decided to dedicate November’s Listening on the Journey… posts to focusing on gratitude. Also, beginning this coming Thursday, each post will include some of the photos Ron captured during the two and one-half weeks we spent in New England.

     I am so extremely grateful for the opportunity to write this blog and for you who take time out of your full schedules to read the words I write. I’ve appreciated your words of encouragement more than I could ever express. They have given me courage to keep learning, growing and being intentional about my own journey of faith.

     So, to kick off this Month of Gratitude, I’d like to say that I’m:

     I’d also like to encourage each of us to be generous with our gratitude and challenge ourselves to often:

Blessings on your journey of gratitude…

Sue Reeve

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