Found by Grace…

(Finding #2)

(We’d sung the song by Matt Redman, Your Grace Finds Me, as a congregation many times, but one Sunday last summer, the words in the refrain impacted me differently.

Your grace finds me;

Yes, Your grace finds me!

Since that Sunday, I keep being reminded of ways God’s grace has found me in the past, finds me in the present, and I’m assured, will continue to find me in the future.)

Valuable Just As I Am Today

Sue Reeve

     My friend Laurice asked me to give her feedback on a Bible study book she has written.  Threads is a study of 40 stand-alone Bible lessons that can be completed individually or in a group.

     Threads contains studies designed to help women discover the way in which their personal stories are connected by “threads” of Scriptural truth.  The individual studies I’ve completed have been valuable.  I told Laurice that while I had some suggestions, my feedback was intended to take the very good work she’s done so far and watch it grow from “very good” to “outstanding.”

     A few hours after our critiquing session, Laurice sent me a text message that blessed me and caused me to glimpse yet one more way God’s grace finds me.  Laurice wrote:

     Thank you, Sue.  Your feedback on Threads is so valuable.  One thing I love is that while you see how Threads can be improved, you also see its value as it is. 

     Isn’t that just like God’s grace? I thought after reading Laurice’s nice note.

     Sure, there’s always room for improvement in the way I journey through life. There’s certainly room—even need—for refinement of my character.

Yet, God finds great value in me simply as I am right now. 


     Thank you, God, for yet another glimpse of grace.  Thank you for finding me valuable just the way I am today.  Thank you for your patience in coming alongside me as I continue to learn and grow.  Help me see my fellow sojourners through your eyes of grace.   



Threads is available in bookstores and on Amazon. If you’d like more information about Threads, Laurice would like to hear from you. You may contact her at

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