Found by Grace…

 (A Friend Finds Grace – Finding #4)

(We’d sung the song by Matt Redman, Your Grace Finds Me, as a congregation many times, but one Sunday last summer, the words in the refrain impacted me differently.

Your grace finds me;

Yes, Your grace finds me!

Since that Sunday, I keep being reminded of ways God’s grace has found me in the past, finds me in the present, and I’m assured, will continue to find me in the future.)

Grace When My Soul is Thirsty

     This past week grace found me in the words of a beautiful email I received from my friend, Cindy Goff. Cindy’s family is traveling through a season that began with great joy, but much too quickly, turned into deep sorrow.

     Cindy’s devotional time is often spent contemplating a portion of Scripture, reflecting on the words, and then listening with her heart as the Divine Spirit speaks. Thank you, Cindy, for giving me permission to share with Listening…readers a recent entry in your prayer journal.

     If you, too, are struggling with a dry, thirsty soul, I pray Cindy’s words will encourage you.

January 12, 2016

As a deer panteth for the water – my soul pants for you.  My soul thirsts for you, my God.  My soul thirsts for the loving God.  Where can I go to meet with God? (Psalm 42:1)

Cindy’s Prayer:


How joy has turned to mourning so quickly.  How anticipation has turned to sorrow.  My heart breaks, aches for those I love.  How sad this situation of loss/mourning is…

Yet, in the midst, there is this anchor of hope, securing me to you – the constant in my life.

The waves of life try to overtake me; yet, miraculously I remain upright.  I am not sent out to sea…

Oh, my father, my strength and shield.  How I need thee!  How I yearn to drink from your living water.  The irony of being overtaken by water – yet refreshed by it at the same time!

You are in control.  You are able to calm the “seas” which are a churning within.  How I yearn for rest, lying near the still waters which replenish my soul.  Sustain my loved ones.  Give them the security of your presence.  Refresh us Lord. Provide for us.  Restore and nurture our souls…….

The Lord’s response to Cindy’s heart::

Oh, my daughter,

I am here.  I am providing refreshment. Sit with me. Sip from my cup. The water is sweet. It will heal a broken heart.

My daughter, I know too well about sorrow. How I yearn for those who don’t know me or for those who are in need of my provision.

Rest. Be still. Take in all which is available to you. Slowly, you will receive renewed strength.  My power, my hope will infuse your soul as you sit and take in my living water. No longer will your lips remain parched. Rest in me. Lie with me while I restore.

From a restored, refreshed heart, Cindy writes:

“Thank you my Father, I will remain under your wing.”

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So fitting… Connie Lloyd titled this photograph, “As the deer…”

My Prayer:

Loving God,

Like my friend, Cindy, I’ve experienced your care during seasons when my soul has been parched and weary. Thank you for leading us to the Living Water where we can be refreshed and restored. Amen

Be blessed with refreshing on your journey…

Sue Reeve

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