‘Heeding the Voice of Divine Discontentment…’


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Today’s post explores “Divine Discontentment.” The photos, however, taken by Ron during our recent walk through the Duncan Gardens at Manito Park in Spokane, Washington, speak only of contentment. I believe it’s possible to experience contentment even as the voice of Divine Discontentment speaks. Please breathe deeply and enjoy these beautiful flowers while you allow your soul to be challenged!

     During the span of one recent week, four different women asked to speak with me. Each described a stirring in her soul. Each believed the stirring was from God. Each asked for guidance and accountability as she took her next step of faith.

     There isn’t much that’s more satisfying to me than being given the privilege of walking alongside a woman who longs to discover a new piece of her custom-designed God calling.

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     Seeking significant transition means:

          Stepping out of what’s comfortable into the darkness of unknown.

               This requires trust.

          Letting go of what’s predictable and casting out into uncharted waters.

               This demands courage.

     Not seeking significant transition means:

          Remaining in what we know—what’s comfortable.

               This feels safe.

          Grasping firmly to what is tangible and feels secure.

               This may keep us from an awesome adventure!

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     How do we know when God is rousing us to make a significant transition?

     Sometimes circumstances require it. Loss of job, end of marriage, dire diagnosis, death of a loved one all demand transition.

     Sometimes the realities of life smack us. The little girl in pigtails—that one we just put on the school bus for her first day of kindergarten—leaves for college. The little boy who promised, “Mommy, you’ll always be my ‘bestest’ girlfriend,” introduces you to a lovely young woman, and you know from the gleam in his eye, you’ll never again be his ‘bestest.’

     Sometimes a hope or dream from long ago is awakened.

     Sometimes it’s nothing big. I’ve felt the stirring off and on since I was a child. I knew it was real even though I wouldn’t have been able to define it. Then one day I realized what I was experiencing could be described accurately as

Divine Discontentment

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     Even though I knew I ‘should’ be content with the status quo, my heart rebelled against the ‘should.’

     Even though I was warned, ‘Be Careful!’ by some caring, cautious observer, or when the recollection of previous failures taunted, an interior voice kept nudging, “Go ahead!”

     Even though this is the way I’d always seen life done, I began to consider there may be a different way—perhaps a better way.

     Even though I knew Suze Orman would warn, “That’s probably not the wisest financial move.” I knew I’d tried to be a good steward of my resources and wanted to trust God to fill in future financial needs.

     Even though I have deep-seeded fears of failure and rejection, my heart encouraged me, “Take the risk!”

     Even though I have a fear of falling from physical and emotional heights, a still small voice kept assuring, “Don’t worry. I’m here to catch you!”

     “Okay,” you may be saying, I’m willing to listen to those pesky voices saying: “Go Ahead.” “A different way may be more than okay!” “You can trust God for__________” “Take the risk.” “Make the plunge.” But, where do I begin?

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     Good question. What do we do when the voice of Divine Discontentment ‘bugs’ us? I’m a pragmatist, all about prudent actions. In the next post, I’ll explore some practical steps you can take if this matter of Divine Discontentment has stirred up something in you.

Until then, may our journeys be blessed. My prayer is:

Dear Lord, thank You for the voice of Divine Discontentment!

When I read the Bible, I see from beginning to end you’re always leading your beloved children to somewhere new. Sometimes that place is physical and sometimes spiritual. It doesn’t seem you’ve designed your creation to remain stagnant!

Lord, I have this sense you’re stirring up desires for new destinies in the hearts of folks all over the globe. I want to be part of that movement! So, for me, for every person reading this blog post and for men and women around the world, help us lean into the voice of Divine Discontentment. Lead us, guide us and make our steps of faith firm. Amen

Sue Reeve

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