Letting Go…Relinquishing Lazy Summer Days

Sue Reeve


     Life journeys are filled with a variety of “letting go” excursions.

     When I believed Listening on the Journey was destined to be a book rather than a blog, I planned to devote an entire chapter to the theme of “letting go.”

     The next few posts will deal with this topic.

     “Letting go” requires relinquishing something. Often relinquishment involves struggle that eventually presents the opportunity to embrace something new—and, I’ve learned, oftentimes better.

     I’m privileged to live in a region where we experience four distinct seasons.

     My least favorite season is winter. While winter includes exquisite scenes, it also includes:

     increased darkness from shortened days

         frigid weather

            icy streets and walkways

               treacherous driving conditions.

     I like none of these!

     The only part of winter I love truly is Christmas. After the decorations are stored away, and my husband declares, “Enough is enough!” to my beloved Christmas music, I begin looking longingly out the window to see if the tips of my tulips are visible.

     Each year in September, I struggle for a few days with feelings of dread related to the pending winter. Then, the lovely shades of the new season shake me out of my funk, and I embrace my favorite season, autumn.

     Autumn—a perfect time to focus on “letting go.”

     Autumn means “letting go” of the sunshiny, lazy, carefree days of summer.

     Autumn means change. Cool colors of summer—blue skies, green grass, purple flowers–fade. Warm shades of fall—crimson bushes, brilliant orange leaves, glittering gold tamaracks—emerge.

     The paradox of the color wheel contradicting the hallmark colors of seasons, reminds me that my journey of faith has also been filled with paradox when painful “letting go” leads to joyous “filling up.”

     I know you’ll enjoy these amazing scenes of autumn, photographs taken by my immensely talented friend, Connie Lloyd. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your gift with us.

     Afterward, I’d appreciate you sharing briefly (even one word or one sentence) in the Comment section about one of your “letting go” experiences. Thank you in advance!

     Now, sit back and revel in these autumnal moments.

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     Remember: Leave your “Letting Go” experience in Comments.

         With warm autumn wishes…..


9 thoughts on “Letting Go…Relinquishing Lazy Summer Days

    1. Thanks, Karol. Something I’ve been thinking about lately is that confidence and hope walk hand in hand. I love Philippians 1:6 when Paul said, “You can be confident of this…” I’m willing to ‘let go’ because of my confidence in God. The more confident I am in God’s character, the more my hope in even that which I cannot see grows.

  1. Oh, Sue! Thank you for sharing these stunning pictures of Fall! It is my favorite season as well. I loved your thoughts on the change of seasons. The older I get, the more I appreciate the four seasons in nature that God gave us. Of course, I wish that some seasons were longer and some were shorter. But, seasons beautifully mirror the inevitability of change and serve as my reminder to trust Him during the season I’m in! I do believe that “letting go” makes room for more of God in my heart and life. I think I’ll enjoy my Pumpkin Spice Latte even more today while looking at the gorgeous pics you posted….and letting go! Thanks, Sue!

  2. Silly, but true, letting go of my flip flops and having to wear “real” shoes again! Autumn is also my favorite season and Connie Lloyd is excellent at capturing any season. Thanks Sue for your words, and Connie for sharing God’s beauty in pictures!!!

  3. Thank you, Sue, for featuring my photos.
    God had me let go of a ministry 15 years ago. It was a very difficult time, but it was one of the deepest growing seasons of my life, and spiritual journey.

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