Letting IT Go…

Today’s post includes another prayer I’m entering in my Vade Mecum (Go with Me pilgrimage journal) in preparation for the educational pilgrimage I’ll be making to Spain in March. I’m liking the idea of a Vade Mecum and think it would be a great tool to guide me—not only during my pilgrimage to Spain—but as I journey through everyday life.

     Anyone who knows a little girl has undoubtedly heard “Let It Go,” sung by Elsa in the mega-hit Disney movie, “Frozen.”

     I’ve discovered “letting IT go—whatever the ‘IT,’ may be—is easier to sing about than do? To make the matter of ‘letting go’ even more complicated, oftentimes I’m not sure what the ‘IT’ is I need to relinquish!

     Contemplative prayer, including a period of silent listening, has helped me more than I could have imagined. As I continue this journey of contemplation, I realize many behavioral or thought-life battles must be fought in an interior place. I need God’s Spirit, who not only knows but is equipped to fight on my behalf.

     The following prayer, which my spiritual director, Debbie, introduced to me has been a remarkable help. For several weeks, I’ve been praying the words before my daily period of prayerful silence.

     Abba is an Aramaic word for father, which signifies a special, trusting relationship between father and child. Scripture records Jesus calling God, “Abba.”

     If you had a special relationship with your earthly dad, you’ll be able to relate to the beauty of “Abba.”

     If an intimate father/child relationship is something you only hoped to have, take a moment to imagine what the perfect father/child relationship would look like. I believe the truth of words written by Thomas Keating, who says, “Think of God [aka “Abba”] in a very big way. And if you do, that’s too small!”

     The other day, a line from the Abba prayer took on practical application. During my time of contemplation, the Spirit’s grace worked in my “inner room of silent prayer” revealing an area of prejudice I had never realized existed in my heart. If someone had pointed this out to me, I would have undoubtedly denied the accusation. Because of the kind revelation of Abba, however, I was able to:

  • recognize the yucky nature of my prejudice,
  • confess my prejudice as sin,
  • ask God’s forgiveness,
  • discuss this area of prejudice with my spiritual director, and
  • move on, knowing the Spirit will not only reveal, but if I’m willing to cooperate, will help me correct prejudicial thoughts.

     I have no idea what it is you need to ‘let go’ of right now, but as I close this post, I’m praying Abba’s “healing grace” will come alongside and help you.

Blessings in your “letting go…”

Sue Reeve


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