Note: Today, Memorial Day, I honor not only all the men and women who died defending our nation but also remember the many men and women who fought, returned home and tried to pick up the pieces of normalcy. For many, their hearts were damaged deeply on battlefields. Today’s post includes excerpt from a post I’ve included on previous Memorial Days. If you’d like to read it in its entirety, you can read that post May 28, 2018, by clicking here.

     Wednesday, May 12, 1943, as World War II raged across the seas, four young boys received their diplomas. The next day the high school buddies enlisted.

     Two days later, Al Coyner, whom I would later call “Dad,” left for basic training in North Carolina. Dad, like many war veterans, served honorably and then returned home determined to put the horrors of war behind, focusing instead on building a prosperous, peaceful nation for the next generation. Dad rarely discussed details of his war experience

     My dad fought bitter battles on French soil. One battle liberated a small village from German occupation.

     While some family friends were visiting France a few years ago, they strolled across a stone bridge into a quaint village, lingering to look at a memorial plaque. The plaque at the “Point of Liberation” in Sospel listed soldiers from the 517th PRCT F Company, which included Dad’s name.

     The story, one our family heard shortly after our father’s passing in 2006, seemed a fitting benediction to the life of a fine, hard-working, honorable man who always showed unwavering loyalty to country and family.

     If your family lost a loved one while he/she was fighting for our country, please accept my heartfelt condolence and gratitude.

     If your family lived through the agony of knowing your loved one was fighting in a distant land, thank you for your perseverance to wait and to pray.

     If you are one who served, may God bless you in an extra special way.

Photos from Point of Liberation – Sospel, France

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Blessings to each of you this Memorial Day …

Sue Reeve


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