More than a Sliver of Light: Lenten Thanks…

Ron captured this amazing image at about 3:00 a.m. while practicing his astrophotography skills at Palouse Falls in Washington. (Note: I think my husband is kinda ‘nuts’ for putting himself through this ordeal, but I sure do like some of his beautiful photos like this one and the one at the conclusion of this post.)

     Not long ago, I needed to walk through a big, empty, unlighted auditorium in order to reach a room on the opposite side. The darkness was confusing, and frankly frightening. I inched forward, one careful step after another. Finally, a glimpse of light shone through the closed door of my destination. It was amazing how just a sliver of light guided me the remainder of the way.

     Feels like we’re stumbling around in a lot of darkness these days, doesn’t it? Isn’t it amazing how quickly our world can change?

     In my last blog post, for instance, I told you I was that very day, March 19th, sitting in a classroom at a retreat center in Springfield, Illinois. In fact, that day I was instead working from home, writing a protocol for our church’s crisis telephone team. The Spiritual Direction retreat I was scheduled to attend had been cancelled.

     My husband and I also had to abandon a long-awaited getaway to Victoria, British Columbia. No photos of magnificent tulips blooming in Butchart Gardens will grace my April posts this year, which is a bummer!

     Like some of you reading today’s post, I have the past two Sundays attended church—by the way, dressed in my bathrobe—while watching television in our family room. Gatherings—first of more than 250; then more than 50; now more than ten—are not being allowed. Restaurants are closed, and ‘old’ folks are being asked to grocery shop at limited hours on specific days.

     So, what do we do when trying to navigate our way through the darkness of dense “unknowns?” While I don’t have one definitive answer, I’m finding solace in the New Testament book of John where the word ‘light’ is used repeatedly. Assurances, like those in John 8:12, remind me Jesus provides more than a sliver of light to guide me out of the darkness.

“I am the world’s Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in.” (John 8:12 MSG)


Jesus, Light of the World…
Thank you for giving us the light we need
To find our way through times filled with dark days of not-knowing.
Help us trust in you no matter what lies ahead in the days to come.


Sue Reeve

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