My husband, Ron Reeve, will be the featured artist, displaying his photography and woodworking, during the Second Friday Art Walk on Friday, October 12, 2018, at the newly remodeled Coeur d’Alene Fresh,

317 Coeur d’Alene Avenue, from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

     If you live in or around the beautiful Cd’A hamlet, Ron would love to see you, and I know you’d enjoy not only Coeur d’Alene Fresh, the quaint business of owner, Marla Lopez, but also many other shops and galleries in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

On Monday, September 24, 2018, Ron and I drug our reluctant bodies out of bed at 3:30 a.m. so we could be on Virginia Beach to catch the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean. When you’re from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, this is a moment in time you’ll capture rarely. The day was cloudy, and the sunrise not as spectacular as we’d hoped. Nevertheless, I love this photo of the morning sun peeking over ocean waves. Sunrises and oceans are signs that remind me of the never-ending vastness of God’s faithful love.

And, I really like this photo of my talented and committed husband who loves to capture the beauty of God’s creation through the lens of his camera!

     Many Listening on the Journey… readers have told me how much they enjoy Ron’s photographs, which I include with each blog post. Thank you for this feedback. Partnering with my hubby has been a true joy.

Blessings on your journey…

Sue Reeve

Grace Speaks…Even when I Fall.

     My journey of faith has included many missteps and tumbles. When I glance in the rearview mirror of my life, I am at times tempted to spend too much time reviewing past mistakes or grievances. I believe this is a common tactic of the enemy of our souls. Dwelling on past regrets and shame can keep me, and you, from doing what God has designed us to do ‘today,’ and creates doubts that keep us from moving forward.

     Mother Teresa said so wisely,

Where man has failed, God will find a way—
If we ask him.[1]

     This post is the sixth in a series I entitled, “Grace Speaks…” While this will be my final post in this series, I will undoubtably return to the topic of ‘Grace’ in the future. God’s grace is probably the most important aspect of who I am and who I desire to be:

     One who embraces the undeserved but freely offered gift of God’s grace.

          One who realizes God isn’t surprised or discouraged when I fall.

               One willing to ask for and accept God’s forgiveness.

                    One willing to grasp the helping hand of Grace.

                         One willing to extend God’s grace to others.

     May your days be filled with an abundant measure of God’s grace…

Sue Reeve

  1. The Joy in Loving, Mother Teresa

Grace Speaks…Beware but not Afraid

Reminding, “Beware, but not Afraid…”

     The second stanza of the cherished hymn, Amazing Grace, says,

’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
grace my fears relieved;

      The beloved lyrics in the hymn written by John Newton reflect his personal experience. During a violent storm off the coast of Ireland, the terrified, non-believing Atlantic slave trader cried out to God for mercy.

      God’s mercy enabled John Newton to embrace God’s grace. His conversion experience led him away from the vile business of slave trade. Instead, he began studying theology, eventually becoming a curate in the Church of England and writing a poem that would be set to music and revered worldwide.

      The kind of fear Newton wrote about reminds me of the U.S. National Weather Center’s ‘red flag warning,’ which is the highest level of alert for extreme fire danger. When the voice of grace reminds me to ‘beware,’ I imagine the divine ‘red flag warning,’ may be God’s way of alerting me—not to cause panic but to help me prepare and avoid choices that have the potential for extreme danger in my life.

      I was growing up in the church, fear of God’s judgment was often a tactic used to help control potentially damaging conduct. I’ve come to believe the intentions of leaders were good, and this strategy may have protected me from some harmful behaviors. But, behavior modification wasn’t enough to transform my heart.

     Grace is transformational.

          Grace declares God loves little ol’ me—simply as I am, just who I am.

               Grace changes my desires—transforms ‘should do’s’ into ‘want to’s.’

                    Grace reassures God is for me and not against me.

                         Grace promises God will never leave me.

                              And, Grace my fears relieve.

     I agree with John Newton. God’s grace is amazing! How sweet is the sound of this 5- letter word.

     If you are struggling with a sense of fear or condemnation today, I pray these simple words will point you to the promise of God’s Grace.

Sue Reeve