Pondering a ‘Mooo-ving’ Thought…

     Sometimes it’s quite spiritual to act like a cow!

     Yuck! You might be saying right now. I don’t blame you. Who wants to be acting like a smelly old cow?

     Cows are a ruminant mammal, which means they chew repeatedly what they eat. One scholarly article I scanned said, “Dairy cows ruminate 450 – 500 minutes per day, and a drop in rumination time is a clear sign that there is something impacting…animal wellbeing.”[1]

     Enough about cows. Let’s return to the spiritual connection!

     The Bible often talks about meditation, a sort of spiritual rumination—thinking deeply and repeatedly—over and over and over again–about scripture.

     Lately, I’ve been ruminating on a short portion of scripture found in Galatians 5:1:

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then…

     There have been many times in my life journey when I’ve ruminated not on scripture but rather upon

          mistakes, misgivings or shame from my past behaviors,

               doubts, distress or disappointment about my present realities,

                    fears or fantasies about my future possibilities.

     Rumination can be harmful psychologically. Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D. writes, “Ruminating is simply repetitively going over a thought or a problem without completion. When people are depressed, the themes of rumination are typically about being inadequate or worthless. The repetition and the feelings of inadequacy raise anxiety and anxiety interferes with solving the problem. Then depression deepens.”[2]

     Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night with an anxious thought you can’t seem to shake? Instead of getting the restful sleep your body needs and your emotions crave, you lie awake and ruminate.

     I’ve done my share of harmful rumination. I know it’s not the freedom for which Christ has set me free, and I realize it prevents me from standing firm in the confidence of Christ’s freedom.

     I want to replace soul-sucking rumination with life-giving meditation.

     In future posts I will explore further this concept I believe is not only fascinating but critical to our psychological, spiritual and emotional freedom. I will offer information, inspiration, insights and practical remedies.

Until then, blessings on your journey into the freedom for which Christ has set you and me free…

Sue Reeve

These fine bovines belong to friends, George and Ruth, in Waynesboro, Virginia.

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