Saying “Yes” to God-Change

Guest Post from Stephen Robinson

Today’s post is written by Stephen Robinson, and is the second time he has been a guest contributor. During the past couple years, as I’ve grown to know Stephen and his sweet wife, Jamara, I’ve been impressed with their faith journey. Stephen manages my website and blog—doing what I have no desire, ability or gift to do. But, I not only appreciate his technical skills, I admire his perseverance, his willingness to listen with his heart to what God is saying and the way he loves God, his wife and three adorable daughters. Thanks, Stephen….Sue Reeve

     After several years in the same neighborhood, in the same home, worshipping at the same church, my wife and I began feeling unsettled in the community and church family we loved. Yet, moving didn’t make sense for many reasons. We would often pray for wisdom asking the Lord,

“If it is your will, we are ready to go wherever you lead us. We believe there must be more; this is not all you have planned for us. We feel called to do more.”

     Over the last three years I sent resumes all over the US and even had a couple of phone interviews with World Vision last July. We thought the Lord was moving us for sure! Instead, we stayed put. I found a great job working for an agency in Vancouver, B.C. that allows me to work from home. All the while, we continued feeling unsettled, praying and asking the Lord for guidance and direction.

     Fast forward to March of this year. I went with Pastor Gary to a meeting in Liberty Lake, and the whole ride over he was teasing me about moving my family to Liberty Lake to help them plant a church.

     My wife, Jamara, had a dozen reasons why none of it made sense. We have three daughters. Moving our oldest who is going into her junior year of high school didn’t make sense. Our younger two daughters were both going to be at the Charter Academy – finally 3 girls in 2 schools! We love Coeur d’Alene, our neighbors, boating on Hayden Lake. The list went on and on. She said if we were to move it would be a God thing, because she was content where we were.

     We agreed to pray about it.

     A couple weeks later Jamara came to me and said she felt in her soul God was calling us to move. Once we agreed, we decided not to look back. We listed our house high, 2nd highest among the comps in the area. Many had sat close to 30 days already. Our house had one showing, and twenty-four hours later we received a cash offer! Talk about confirmation of our obedience! The buyers are graciously giving us two weeks rent free after closing.

     Then, there was the home inspection. The requested fixes amounted to $20 and about a half hour of my time. The next obstacle: finding a home for our family with enough bedrooms, in the right neighborhood, with the right schools, and of course, would allow our two dogs. The rental market in our area is tight, especially in up and coming communities like Liberty Lake. By the grace of God, we stumbled upon a 4 bedroom, 2 bath-house in the right neighborhood, right schools, and they allow dogs! It is also just minutes from the location of our new church.

     We are thrilled to see what the Lord has for us in this next season of life. This journey started with an unsettled feeling we couldn’t shake, a prompting, a whole lot of prayer, and brought us eventually to a step of faith.

     This is my life verse that has guided our family through many seasons of life:

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

     Praying you will be obedient to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit in this season of your life.

Stephen Robinson


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  1. Thank you Stephen for sharing your story. It’s so inspiring to hear how God called and confirmed your next steps. You are a blessing to everyone that knows you and continue to be in your new comminuity.

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