Seasons of Creativity…

     In the beginning God created…These are the first five words recorded in the Bible.

     A few verses later in the biblical story of creation, we read: …in the image of God He created…male and female…[1]

     An artist friend once said, “We were created to create.” Since scripture shows the ingenuity and mastery of God’s creation, and since male and female were created in God’s own image, I expect my friend is correct.

     God’s creativity is showcased whenever a person exhibits innovation, imagination or inventiveness. When we use our creativity intentionally to honor the One in whose image we were made, I imagine God feels great pleasure.

     Lately, I’ve been contemplating ways in which creativity, like our life journeys, have seasons.

     Fiddler on the Roof is my favorite drama, and for me, the best part is when Tevye and Golde sing Sunrise, Sunset at their daughter’s wedding.

     Sunrise, sunset…one season following another.

     Surely, each of us who is a parent can relate. We understand the rapidly-changing seasons of parenthood. In a blink, it seems, we go from days and nights filled with the demands of a wee one to assuring our now-adult child, who recently became a parent, “It’s just a season! Cherish each moment. They pass so quickly!”

     I ask God often for ‘the gift of ideas’ for myself and others. The ingenuity of a creative God sparks imagination even while we:

  • make educational or career choices.
  • navigate each new phase of parenting.
  • find meaning in the daily grind of the mundane.
  • keep a spark of intimacy alive in our marriage, whatever the season.
  • forge new and nurture existing friendships.
  • tap into hidden gifts, talents and desires when demands of career and/or parenting slow down.
  • struggle with limitations and losses.
  • leave a lasting, lovely legacy.

     On January 1st, I began writing a devotional book, something I’ve been thinking about for several years. Now feels like the right season. This endeavor will be lots of work and is filled with scary unknowns. Before launching into it, I examined my motivation.

     Is my greatest desire to honor God? I believe it is. I’m praying my soul will be ignited with fresh inspiration so words I write will point readers toward a God who loves us with no strings attached and desires our good in every season.

     My husband recently entered full-time-retirement status. During his season of transition, I’ve admired Ron’s commitment to lean into his artistic nature as well as deepen friendships. I’m excited to see how God will pump fresh creative juices into Ron, which I’m certain will be evident in woodworking, photography and meaningful relationships.

     Through what life season are you traveling?

     How can you be intentional about tapping into God’s creative image to help you maximize this season?

     I’m praying for you as you consider these questions.

     Blessings as you explore your current season of creative…

Sue Reeve

My friend, ‘Mary,’ raised a family and taught school for many years. Now, a grandma and retiree, ‘Mary’ is tapping into artistic creativity, painting enchanting watercolors. I loved the hand-painted card she sent this past Christmas. Oh, the stories I imagine were created behind that blue door!

  1. Read the creation account in Genesis 1

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  1. Sue, so excited about the devotional book you are writing!!! I look forward to the day it is done and can bless many people!!! Prayers and hugs!!!

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