So Long, Summer…

Today is September 1, 2016.

     Even though I know (because I looked it up!) the Northern Hemisphere Autumnal Equinox does not occur in Coeur d’Alene until 7:21 AM PDT on September 22nd, for me summer always feels like it ends on the first day of September.

     I’ll be wearing a sweater to work this morning. I’ll probably relegate my white capris to the back of the closet.

     I know the pastor, at our all-staff meeting today, will be discussing the new church calendar year, which begins in September.

     My daughter and son-in-law are adding last-minute touches to their classrooms. Both anticipate welcoming a group of new fourth graders soon.

     Our kindergarten granddaughter felt good about the pre-kin test she took, telling her mama proudly she counted to 100!

     I hope you’ll indulge me as I share one last thought about Summer 2016. As I said in a previous post, there was nothing spectacular about our summer, but it was filled with many exquisite ordinary moments, which are showcased in lovely ways during summertime.

     One of my assignments for the upcoming autumn was given to me by my daughter, Sarah, who wants me to visit her classroom and talk to students about writing. I was excited about this opportunity until Sarah told me the writing unit they’ll be studying is poetry. I love words, but I know very little about writing poetry, and I feel somewhat intimidate by the task.

     Thoughts of summer were mingled with Sarah’s daunting assignment as I penned the following nostalgic thoughts about summertime.

     Thanks, Sarah, for helping motivate your mom to write today’s post.

Summertime Nostalgia

Sue Reeve

Ah, I remember…

Long, languid days;

Warm, sultry nights.

Windows wide open;

Campfire lights.

Sweet smelling roses;

Bees buzzing about;

Hummingbirds flutter;

While kids run and shout.

Alas, much too quickly..

Sunny days shorten;

Chills fill the air;

Leaves turn to crimson;

Birds fly south somewhere.

A weary rose droops;

Leaves crunch on the street;

Kids walk back to school;

Some dragging their feet!

Sighing, I wonder…

Oh, where did you go?

Why must you end?

Please hurry and come back

Sweet summertime friend!

C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\Ron Photos\Misc\07162016_8035-2.jpg

A buzzing bee looking for sweet nectar—even in this prickly place!

C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\Ron Photos\06252016_6704-1.jpg

At summer’s beginning, Ron captured these baby swallows, waiting with mouths wide open for lunch to be delivered. By now, these little ones are probably finding their own food and soon will be heading south in search of tastier insects.

     As summer 2016 comes to a close, my prayer for is that you will discover the loving touch of a loving God in every season!

Sue Reeve


3 thoughts on “So Long, Summer…

  1. what a wonderful poem! I love Fall so I am not unhappy about summer’s demise, even though it went quickly. Love reading what you write!

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