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Coming Home…a Beautiful Thing!

     My husband and I recently traveled east to Washington, D.C., visiting many parts of Virginia, with jaunts into North Carolina and West Virginia. It was a great vacation—one of my favorites—but both Ron and I agree, returning to our North Idaho homeis always a beautiful thing!

     Several posts I’ve done the past few weeks included photos and thoughts from our autumn trip to the East Coast.

     Home is one of life’s gifts for which I am so very thankful. In the next few posts around Thanksgiving, I will focus on home with photos Ron has taken since we returned to Idaho in early October, as well as reflections about home.

Our little dog, Merci, was very happy to have us back home. She loves to go for walks, like this Sunday afternoon stroll in the park on a picture-perfect autumn day.

     As we enter this busy week of Thanksgiving, I hope we’ll all take moments to reflect on the gift of home. Also, I hope we remember to pray often for the thousands of folks in California who have lost their homes, and in whatever way we might be able, reach out to help. During disasters such as this, Ron and I donate to Convoy of Hope, a highly reputable and responsive humanitarian relief organization. (https://www.convoyofhope.org/)

Blessings to each one reading these words…

Sue Reeve