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It’s a Matter of Perspective…

     One thing I recall about springtime while growing up in Montana is the abundance of dandelions. I doubt I knew the cheery yellow flower was a weed. They made marvelous decorations for a mud cake and pretty, petite bouquets to take home to Mama.

     I believed the myth if you rub a dandelion under your chin and its yellow pollen stuck, you were in love. My playmates and I teased each other, trying to figure out who we loved.

     My very favorite thing about dandelions, though, was to blow on a flower which had gone to seed and make a wish.

When some see a dandelion, they see a weed.
When others see a dandelion, they see a wish.

     It’s all a matter of perspective.

     The other day while we walked around the University of Idaho Arboretum, I asked my husband to take a photo of a scene I thought was lovely. Finally, Ron said, “Okay, NOW I see what you see.” Because Ron stood a few steps away, and because I am 5’4” tall, and he is 6’4,” it took a while before he saw the scene from my vantage point.

     A matter of perspective.

The Arboretum is divided into four geographical regions. This view is from the entrance to the Asian region. The flowering bush in the foreground is a Korean lilac. Stunning!!

Perspective is a particular way of looking at something—one’s point of view. The reason for many misunderstandings boils down to difference in perspective.

     Perspective matters in cultural issues. Take the current Covid-19 pandemic. If you are a well-paid employee, not losing income while working from home, your position about quarantine is probably quite different from the small business owner who lies awake at night worrying about a dream which day by day seems to be disintegrating.

     Perspective carries over into matters of faith. A woman teaching the Bible study group I attended was discussing the story of David and Bathsheba (See 2 Samuel 11). She made a statement, “Of course, Bathsheba was__________________.”

     Her comment shocked me because I would have finished the sentence in a completely different way. In discussion afterward, we agreed neither knew the correct completion because it was never conveyed in the biblical account. Either may have been correct. Or, perhaps we both were incorrect.

     A matter of perspective.

One passage of scripture has helped me enormously deal with the challenge of perspective, especially where faith and politics are concerned:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.

As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Isaiah 55:8 & 9 (NIV)

     When it comes to perspective, I believe it’s important to be well-informed and stand resolute in my convictions. In the final analysis, however, I imagine God ‘s perspective is all that truly matters!


God who Sees,
Thank You that You know what I do not.
You see clearly when my perspective is blurred.
Help me focus on what really, truly matters.
Loving God, loving others and loving myself.

From my perspective, you are a very special blessing…

Sue Reeve