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When a Wrong Turn Leads to the Right Place…

     While my husband tried to capture the perfect sunset photo on Carlsbad Beach, I strolled along the Sea Wall trail with a variety of joggers and walkers, all different ages and ethnicities. I enjoyed the experience immensely and asked Ron if we could take our morning walk the next day on the same trail.

     Now, my husband does an amazing job navigating crazy Southern California freeways with their insane amounts of traffic, but that morning, he took a wrong turn. Instead of ending up in Carlsbad, we found ourselves at the beach in Oceanside.

     We decided to explore this new beach instead. And, we were so glad we did.

     Have you found life is like that sometimes? We determine the best choice, convinced we’re heading to the correct destination. Then, somewhere along the way, we take a wrong turn only to discover:

sometimes a wrong turn leads to the right place.

     Even though the two California cities and beaches are close in proximity, the vibe of each felt completely different. The following photos were taken by Ron during our walk up and down the Oceanside Pier. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing our experience.

     From the pier we saw:

Strong, athletic, determined surfers

Vietnamese fishermen, reeling in bucketsful of shiny silver, squirming fish

An egret and proud pelican anxious to pose for tourists

Smiling dolphins—or, are they porpoises? No matter, I was delighted when the magnificent creatures swam close enough for a photo

This big fellow was committed to protecting his eyes from the bright sunshine. No problem convincing him to pose. His people told Ron their beloved pet enjoys having his picture taken.

A graceful sailboat bobbing upon the ocean waves

Blessings on each twist and turn in your life journey…

Sue Reeve

Searching for Wisdom

Sue Reeve

My Random House Dictionary says: wisdom is the knowledge of what is true or right, coupled with good judgment. Several years ago, I was frightened and didn’t have a clue how I was going to navigate a difficult segment of my journey. The discovery of this verse of Scripture became—and has remained—a lifeline in my faith journey. I’ll talk more about this in my next post:

If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who grants to all liberally without finding fault. (James 1:5)

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