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Discovering a “Secret Place” During a Busy Season

     Springtime is often a busy time—a time when it’s challenging to find time to incorporate spiritual disciplines we want to practice.

     That’s where I’m at right now. I’ve been tempted to lapse into critical self-talk and “should-ing,” but instead, I’m determined to lean into the grace of my God, who never changes—even when the busyness of my life keeps me from pursuing disciplines to which I’m committed.

     Yesterday, I was reminded of a time several years ago when, during a particularly hectic season, I wrote a poem about finding that “secret place” of prayer. Today, I’d like to share the first stanza of that poem with you, encouraging you—even as I’m encouraging myself—seasons change, and…

We’ll get back on track soon!

     In the meantime, I’m asking God to help us capture “moments,” in which we’ll discover “secret places” of prayer even when in the middle of seeming chaos.

     If these words resonate with you, I’m grateful. It’s good to encourage one another about God’s faithfulness and grace as well as giving the nudge to keep on keeping on with that which has begun in our journeys of faith.

     Blessings on the season in which you find yourself at this time!

Sue Reeve

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