Thankful for Four Powerful Freedoms…

     January 6, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his famous “Four Freedoms” speech. In preparing this speech, the president understood even though many citizens in the United States wanted to remain neutral, our nation was on the brink of becoming involved in war because of the advancing German military, already taking over much of Europe.

     President Roosevelt explained to Congress and the American people these “Four Freedoms” must be preserved:

freedom of speech

freedom of worship

freedom from want

freedom from fear

     To encourage citizens to support the war effort, the famous artist, Norman Rockwell, depicted the Four Freedoms in paintings, which were used as posters to sell War Bonds. The messages in his paintings resonated with the people and resulted in record sales.

     On the final full day of Ron’s and my recent vacation to New England, we visited the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It was a great way to wind down our 40th anniversary getaway.

     The immensely gifted Rockwell wanted to portray commonplace people, living out their commonplace stories in commonplace locations.

     How like the message of the Gospel, I thought. God Incarnate came as a common baby and entered the commonplace stories of common men and women.

     The way we live out our common lives, I believe, can result in some of God’s finest works of art.

     Here are photos Ron took of the War Bond posters (some glare because of the glass protecting the posters). While searching for symbolic details in each, I hope you will not only enjoy them but that you’ll also take a moment to give thanks for the many freedoms we enjoy personally and collectively.


Thank you, Lord, for the gift of freedom. In my lifetime:

  • I’ve enjoyed freedom to speak, to write my heart in these blog posts. Thank you!
  • I’ve been free to attend the church of my choice, to read The Bible, quote scripture and to worship you openly. Thank you!
  • I’ve been blessed with freedom to spend every Thanksgiving with loved ones and can’t remember one Thanksgiving when I wasn’t privileged to enjoy turkey. Thank you!
  • I’ve been able to read bedtime stories, say nighttime prayers and tuck my daughters and sometimes my grandchildren into their beds at night without fear for their safety tomorrow. Thank you!

Blessings as you prepare for Thanksgiving in a few days…

Sue Reeve

3 thoughts on “Thankful for Four Powerful Freedoms…

  1. Sue,
    The Rockwell Museum was one of our favorites while living summers in Massachusetts. The boys camp where we lived the first 7 years is 6-8 miles from Stockbridge. Leo love to spend his day off having coffee on the Stockbridge Red Lion Hotel porch or to visit the tavern in the their basement and ponder the conversations that might have taken place as the Revolutionary War was planned in that very room.

    Blessings for you , Ron and family as you celebrate Thanksgiving.

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