Thankful for Joyful Moments…

Sun setting over Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

     One morning while on vacation in Vermont, my husband and I sat in silence drinking our morning coffee—a delicious dark roast blend from the Vermont Coffee Company. Ron was doing research to find a just-right duffle bag. I was reading a book I found fascinating about the Enneagram.

      Taking my eyes off the page in order to swig a sip of coffee, I glanced over at my husband and thought, I sure do love this guy!

      Ron and I have been married over 40 years, and the scene I just described isn’t un-familiar. I call times like this, moments of companionable silence. For me, they represent joyful interludes in the everyday activities connected to marriage.

     Joyful moments are gifts to the soul. I love the way Brene’ Brown describes them as “gracefully strung together…”

     One recent Saturday, I enjoyed joyful moments with several people who are dear to me.

     In the morning I met my daughter, Angie, for a latte at Starbucks.

     Then, the two of us picked up a take-out lunch and enjoyed pleasant lunchtime moments with my mom and Angie’s Grandma Kathy. Mom is at a stage in her journey when she loves reminiscing about bygone moments.

     During the day, I spent a few minutes visiting with each of my two sisters.

     Later in the afternoon, I headed to a different Starbucks to enjoy a decaf Americano with my younger daughter, Sarah.

     You may have noticed, my memorable moments are often experienced over a cup of coffee!

     I never want to minimize how precious it is to share joyful moments with my beloved spouse, family members or cherished friends.

     I also never want to take for granted the privilege of special moments spent with God.

     For you who’ve read my blog any length of time, you know over two years ago, I was introduced to contemplative spirituality, which is changing radically the way in which I connect with God.

     Inspirational moments spent practicing disciplines of solitude, silence, lectio divina and most recently, the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises are being “gracefully strung together.” As a result, I know my soul is being transformed. Trust, gratitude, and faith in God is increasing.

     Moments matter, and I thank God for them. Moments may be experienced while walking in the beauty of nature; sharing memories with an aging loved one; chatting over a cup of coffee; glancing lovingly at your spouse; or sitting alone quietly, simply BEING with God.

In New England, magnificent houses of worship are plentiful. We saw this beautiful church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

     I am thankful for you and pray you may be blessed with many memorable moments…

Sue Reeve

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