The Day You Were Born

by Grandma Susie

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On the day you were born—

I imagine it’s true;

The angels in heaven

Sang a song just for you.

I’m quite certain the sun

Shone more brightly that day;

And dark clouds in the sky

Simply floated away.

The flowers smelled sweeter

The day of your birth.

Birds chirped with excitement;

Brooks bubbled with mirth.

Yes, that was a grand day,

Not like any other;

The wonderful day I

Became your grandmother!

Susan Reeve

© 2000

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Reeve Benjamin Olson with Grandpa Ron Reeve and Uncle Ben Olson.

Born: September 4, 2015

9# 8 oz.

22 inches tall

Our daughter, Sarah, and her dad were very close from the moment of her birth. When Sarah was a teenager, she told me if she ever had a little boy, she’d like to name him Reeve. On Friday, September 4, Sarah gave birth to that little boy, and she and Brandon named their new son Reeve Benjamin. Baby Reeve’s middle name is the same as Brandon’s brother and Brandon’s and Ben’s “Uncle Ben,” a beloved uncle-of-the heart. Our newest grandson is a special little boy with a one-of-a-kind God-given design. Reeve Benjamin will grow, becoming his own unique man, and I imagine, he will reflect his namesakes admirably.

A Special Day for Grandmotherly Reflections

     Following the birth of my friend, Patty’s, first grandchild, she described the experience, and then added, “I’ve been wrecked for the ordinary!” I understood my friend’s sentiment.

My first thought about becoming a grandma occurred when I was a teenager. One of my grandmothers, Grandma Emma, died when I was a little girl, and my recollections of her are dim. But, I was loved deeply by my Grandma Carrie. The only problem with Grandma was that she had favorites. I was fortunate to be a favorite, but even at a young age, I realized favoritism is an unhealthy family dynamic that breeds pride, jealousy and resentment.

One night many years ago, sleep eluded me, and as my teenage brain ruminated, I promised myself that one day when I became a grandma, I was going to love every one of my grandbabies as much as Grandma Carrie loved me. That hasn’t been a difficult promise to fulfill.

My relationship as a grandma has helped me grasp more clearly a glimpse of God’s unconditional love. I cherish the name ‘Grandma Susie.

I know I’m a rather obnoxious granny! I try not to brag and drag out photos too often, but I fail frequently. If you’re a grandma, you may relate.

The deep desire to be a grandma is an unfulfilled longing in the hearts of some women. Other women—I’ve spoken with many of you—would like to be doting grandmas, secure in the realization your grandbabies are being parented well, but that isn’t your reality. I’m sensitive to the fact that reading a blog posting like this can dredge up pain. As I bask in the joy of a new grandson, I’m thinking of you and praying for you—some by name and others with assurance that God knows each name and each heart.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about being a grandma, the longing to be a grandma or about your experience of being a “grandmother of the heart.”

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Grandma Susie, Baby Reeve and Big Sister Emalynn whose shirt reads, “Coolest Sister Ever!” Emalynn’s name is a combination of my middle name, Emmalyn, and her Grandma Sharon, whose middle name is Lynn. My middle name was derived from my maternal grandmother, Emma. Each of our five grandchildren bear names that have family significance.

     A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold. (Proverbs 21:1 NKJV)

3 thoughts on “The Day You Were Born

  1. Sue, Your blog continues to bring joy to me! Congratulation on the arrival of Reeve. He looks precious. Our Emma will celebrate her first birthday in two more days. We care for her 3 to 4 days each week. It wears us out, but we are lonely for her when she isn’t here. Grandparenting is the best. My cousin in Montana, in an email a few months ago commented on the birth of her fourth nephew. Carol has never married, has no children of her own. She is one of those very special aunties that we all need in our life. She said something like this. You think your heart is just bursting its seams with love and there is no more love to give, then you see that new little one and your heart and your love grow bigger. Enjoy! That first year goes by so fast.

    1. Thanks, LaRayne. Becoming a grandma is definitely one of those great rewards. I love your cousin Carol’s comment. I was thinking about doing a blog one of these days on love, and may want to use her insight. God gives us the capacity to love large! Reeve is definitely a little punkin’ who’s expanded our hearts. Enjoy your little Emma!

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