When Hope is Ignited…

Everything that is done in the world is done by HOPE.

~ Martin Luther King

     Today, January 15th, is a national holiday dedicated to celebrating the birthday of the inspirational Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. My post springs from this Dr. King quote, which speaks to the potent power of hope.

     The photograph was taken while we were in the Missouri Ozarks last October. The Hope Wilderness Chapel in Dogwood Canyon was one of my favorite stops.

     I told you in a recent post we were smack-dab in the middle of a remodeling project. Every kitchen and bathroom drawer and cabinet in our house has been emptied with contents scattered here and there! I’m TRYING to be patient—truly, I am, but I can assure you, I’ve been reminded a time or two that my character is not always well-formed!

     Hope helps keep my current reality in perspective. Patience is possible as I envision cleaned-out, freshly painted, newly-organized kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Hope has a way of igniting vision. Hope assures us in some deep, interior place that the difficulty or pain of today will be different in our future tomorrow.

About hope, Pastor Ray Johnston says in his excellent book, The Hope Quotient,

  • “Hope liberates.
  • Hope unleashes compassion.
  • Hope encourages people.
  • Hope motivates.
  • Hope helps people attempt new things.
  • Hope motivates people to find new strength.
  • Hope propels people forward, even when it seems impossible.”

This Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, my prayer for each person reading this post is that hope will be ignited in whatever challenge you are facing today…

Sue Reeve

1 thought on “When Hope is Ignited…

  1. Thanks for the great reminder … I’ve been praying for my friend/neighbor’s soul for the 5 years we’ve lived in our home … she’s a tough nut but I sense that God is working even when I can’t see it … that’s Hope for me and I needed an extra shot of patience and love for her today; she’s one of my (‘prickly’) people and I will keep ‘hope’ in my mind today when I spend time with her :).

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