When the ‘Ordinary Becomes Quite Extraordinary


Great Grandma Kathy and Emmi share the same birthday—March 22nd. There’s nothing ‘ordinary’ about these two special ladies!

     Tomorrow my mother will join a rather elite group of folks when she becomes a nonagenarian. (a good word to look up!) Yesterday, many members of her family joined together to wish her a “Happy Birthday!”

     Mom has been a consistent influence for good all my life. One word to perfectly describe her is steadfast. She is unwavering in her devotion to God, her family and to prayer. Every day she prays by name for each of her four children and their spouses; ten grandchildren and their spouses; and thirteen and one-half great grands. (We can always count on Mom to begin praying even before a little one is born.)

     Several years ago I was visiting with my mother soon after she’d attended a funeral. She seemed quite melancholy, which I found rather perplexing since she hadn’t known the woman who died all that well. I asked about the service, and she recounted the eulogy, outlining all of the deceased woman’s accomplishments. Mom grew quiet and then mused aloud, “I guess at my funeral service all anybody will be able to say is that I was just an ordinary wife and mom.”

     I couldn’t dismiss my mother’s words. For several days I pondered, asking questions like:

     Is being ‘just’ an ‘ordinary’ wife and mother enough?

          And, by the way, just what is ‘ordinary’?

               What makes a life ‘extraordinary’?

                    Is it possible that ‘ordinary’ may be quite ‘extraordinary’?

     I’m not a poet. I know very little about rhyme scheme, rhythm and catchy word sounds, but I do love words, and every once in a while, attempting to write a poem seems the best way to express a heartfelt sentiment. I wrote this poem following the conversation I had with my mom about being ‘just ordinary.’ I’ve revised it a bit for her special birthday.

Happy Birthday, ‘Ordinary’ Mom

“I’m just an ordinary mom;

With kids at home I stayed.”

If Mom were asked about her life,

That’s probably what she’d say.

No prizes, grand accomplishments,

Awards upon her wall;

But, when I think about Mom’s life

This woman stands so tall.

For to her family she’s a jewel;

All members know they’re treasured.

She’s been a light to guide our paths.

Such worth cannot be measured.

How often we have found new strength

Through Mother’s faith-filled prayers.

Her gentle words and helping hands

Have always said, “I care!”

So, on her special birthday:

To You, O, Lord, we pray,

Bless this “ordinary mom” in

Extraordinary ways!

Sue Reeve

Revised March 2016


Her children stand and bless her…
“There are many virtuous and capable women in the world,
but you surpass them all!”

… a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.

Proverbs 31:28-30 (NLT)

May your ‘ordinary’ days be filled with ‘extraordinary’ moments!

Sue Reeve

3 thoughts on “When the ‘Ordinary Becomes Quite Extraordinary

  1. This will touch many “ordinary” mom’s. It’s one of the hardest jobs but so important. Great children make great adults which leads to a better society! Thanks for speaking encouragement into all of us mommies who have felt unaccomplished at some time. Beautiful family picture.

  2. Absolutely beautiful poem, Sue! Enjoy Mom…….I miss my Mom so much! Wishing Mom and Emmi a wonderful, healthy, and happy birthday!!

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