Your Answer Starts with Prayer

Your Answer Starts with Prayer

by Sue Reeve

Oh, Lord, we have so many needs,

Concerns, unknowns, despair.

We’ve searched for answers in the world,

But have not found them there.

Where does a woman turn for help?

With whom her troubles share?

The Lord is waiting, and He says,

“Your answer starts with prayer.

     Life’s problems are filled with so many unknowns—like entering a dark tunnel with no idea what waits on the other side. Perhaps the starting point to finding an answer—to experiencing peace in spite of our situation’s darkness—is simply starting with prayer. (My husband took this picture when we visited Saddleback Church in March 2015. The director of Saddleback’s Peace Ministries agreed graciously to meet with me about their care ministry programs. While I chatted with Rayna, Ron took the opportunity to explore the enormous Saddleback campus, and of course, snap a bunch of photos.)

     Listening on the Journey has been in my heart for many years. I felt the idea for Listening was a Divinely-planted seed, but I had no idea what it might look like when it finally germinated. For many years I assumed Listening on the Journey would be a book. Several weeks ago my imagined book was launched as a blog.

     One surprise I’ve had these past weeks is receiving heartfelt comments from readers. Some have been affirming ‘atta-girl’s’ from friends and family cheering me on. Those have warmed my heart and brought smiles and expressions of thanksgiving to my lips. Other comments have brought tears to my eyes and prayers to my lips.

     As a result, I decided to begin a Blog Prayer Request Journal to remind me to pray for readers who need God’s encouragement and intervention. Then, it dawned on me that Listening readers may also want to join me. So, my second decision was that each month I’ll post prayer requests I’ve received. I’ll always use a pseudonym so no one’s confidentiality is betrayed. My hope is we’ll become an army of sisters joining together to pray with and for each other.

     August 2015 Listening on the Journey Prayer Needs

  • Sharon – struggling with an incurable and untreatable cancer of the bone marrow.
  • Jamie – a young woman trudging through the muck of an unwanted divorce.
  • Laura – doing better now, but fighting an aggressive breast cancer.
  • Faith – discouraged with more than two decades in an unhappy marriage. Weary of angry words and anguished tears. She wants to act lovingly and feel loved.
  • Rosa – trying to reconcile the pain associated with her daughter’s pending divorce.
  • Kelly – New in her walk with God and struggling to grow in faith.
  • My dear friend, Savanna, who would be my biggest cheerleader, but she hasn’t been able to read my blog because of the chronic and painful illness she’s been battling for way too long.

     I wish I could explain how prayer works. I don’t possess that understanding, but I do know prayer makes a difference. Prayer changes circumstances. It changes thoughts, decisions and behaviors. I’ve seen prayer lead to healing, encouragement, strength and the gift of inspired ideas. I’m convinced prayer is particularly powerful when many agree together and petition God.

     Several years ago, I was grappling with different needs—my own and others. What, I wondered, is the link between prayer and all of these problems? One evening, while staying in a motel during a business trip and pondering prayer and problems, I felt like the simple answer to my question was, “Prayer is the starting point.” As a result, I penned these words. I don’t claim to be a poet, but I hope on some level, the thoughts that came that evening will challenge and encourage you to consider prayer as your first line of defense. No matter what your pain or problem—no matter how big or seemingly insignificant your request, perhaps…

Your Answer Starts with Prayer

by Sue Reeve

Oh, Lord, we have so many needs,
Concerns, unknowns, despair.
We’ve searched for answers in the world,
But haven’t found them there.

Where does a woman turn for help?
With whom her troubles share?
The Lord is waiting, and He says,
“Your answer starts with prayer.”

I formed you in your mother’s womb;
I’ve numbered every hair;
The plans I have for you are good.*
Please come to me in prayer.”

I feel so inadequate;
To others can’t compare.
How can I grasp my special worth?
“Your answer starts with prayer.”

I cannot kick this habit, Lord;
It holds me in its snare.
How will I ever find success?
“Your victory starts with prayer.”

My marriage is not all I’d hoped;
I want romance and care.
Is there a way to light a spark?
“Why not begin with prayer.”

These children try my patience so;

They fight and do not share.

How do I love and discipline?

“That answer starts with prayer.”

My job’s a disappointment, Lord;

The workplace is not fair.

How can I show Your love and grace?

“Please learn from me in prayer.”


I am consumed in darkest grief;

My times of peace are rare.

When will I see the light again?

“My dear child, start with prayer.”


Our victory starts before the Lord;

The Scriptures show God’s care.

He longs for us to come to Him;

God hears our every prayer.

At times we’ll need to wait awhile;

May wonder if He’s there.

But if we faithfully persist,

We’ll see God answers prayer.

*See Psalm 139:13;

Matthew 10:30;

Jeremiah 29:11

Susan E. Reeve © 2001

5 thoughts on “Your Answer Starts with Prayer

  1. You gave me this poem on a bookmark years ago and I still treasure it. So glad to see you going forward with your writing…. and a blog works just as well as book but it doesn’t take space on my bookshelf. I look forward to your writings each Monday and Thursday and appreciate the time you put into this.

  2. Hi Sue … we just had a wonderful family reunion in Minneapolis and while we were together some of went to see War Room. It’s a wonderful film and I thought of one of your friends struggling in an unhappy marriage … it would give her hope and some ammunition because it’s all about an older woman teaching a younger woman about how she found victory in her prayer closet (her War Room). Our struggles from years ago have been proof today that God does care, hears and answers our prayers … He can restore what Satan has tried to destroy. Thanks again for a wonderful blog. Love, Diane

    1. You’re the second person today who has raved about “War Room.” Must see it.
      Enjoy the remainder of your trip, Diane, and Happy “Real” Birthday tomorrow!
      Blessings on your journey…..Sue

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