A Bit of Irish Inspiration…

     Yesterday, March 17th, was St. Patrick’s Day. Around the world, people reveled with parades, parties, Irish brew, and lots of green.

     The holiday was established originally to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and to honor St. Patrick, a 5th Century bishop and Ireland’s patron saint.

     Around 100 years after St. Patrick, another noteworthy Irish Christian missionary arrived on the scene. Saint Brendan of Clonfert, called “the Navigator,” became famous for daring mission trips.

     I enjoy church history, learning about men and women filled with enormous faith who have paved the way for believers living in the 21st Century. Even though my faith always feels puny in comparison, their stories inspire me. I love this prayer of St. Brendan.

     For all who desire to travel well the journey of Christian faith, whether Irish or not, I believe the prayer of this 6th Century Irish monk, will provide inspiration for our journeys.

Sue Reeve


Help me to journey
Beyond the familiar
And into the unknown.
Give me the faith
To leave old ways
And break fresh ground with you.

Christ of the mysteries,
I trust You to be
Stronger than each
Storm within me.

I will trust in the
Darkness and know
That my times, even
Now, are in your hand.

Tune my spirit to
The music of Heaven,
And somehow,
Make my obedience
Count for You. Amen

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