Abounding in Love, Knowledge and Insight

     A recent Facebook post both surprised and impressed me. The photo of an acquaintance—lovely, with her warm, welcoming smile, sun-kissed skin and long silvery locks—announced she was able to check complete GED off of her ‘bucket list.’

     I was surprised, because this lady is articulate, an influential leader, and obviously very intelligent. I would have been less amazed to read she had returned to her college alma mater for a class reunion.

     Impressed, not only with her accomplishment, but her vulnerability. It seems most of us have parts of our histories that cause shame or create feelings of deficiency, and too often, we insist on keeping them tucked away in the dark closets of our souls.

     Plus, I’m always impressed when a person is committed to learning. Lifelong learning is one of my core values. I never want to stop learning and know from comments I’ve received from Listening on the Journey… readers, many of you share the same value.

     One reason I love to learn is that as I grow in God-directed, life-giving knowledge, more love and grace brim over in me—not only love and grace for others, but also for myself.

     The more Christ-like, soul-healing “ah-ha’s” I discover from sources such as scripture; books, which include a variety of genres; or people who are more well educated or further along in their faith journey than I, the more my soul absorbs. This equips me to share soul-healing information and strategies with those whose journeys intersect mine.

     My friend’s Facebook post inspires me to keep on learning. It also provides the opportunity to celebrate your educational quest, whether it involves:

     completing the GED.

          beginning a new wellness regimen.

               enrolling in a college class.

                    confronting an addiction.

                              tackling a challenging craft.

                                   committing to a spiritual goal.

     My prayer for us this day echoes the Apostle Paul.

Dear Lord, please help each one of us grow more and more in knowledge and depth of insight so that our love may abound, and we can see clearly that which pleases you and is best for us and those we influence. – Amen

Blessings on our journeys of “abounding…”

Sue Reeve


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