Barefoot by the Sea…

     Ron and I returned a week ago from a wonderful vacation. We started with two days in Washington, D.C. From there, we visited historical sites in Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Ron came along willingly as I met with friends from my recent and distant past and built new friendships with folks connected to my ancestry.

     I could probably call any day of this memorable getaway my favorite. The most restorative, however, was one we spent on the North Carolina Outer Banks. Our day began—naturally, after first stopping for coffee—with a long morning stroll along the beach at Nags Head.

     Walking barefoot in the sand—picking up seashells, listening to the rhythmic music of waves lapping onto the seashore, warm sand squishing between my toes—ahhh, that nurtures my soul!

     These words came to me during our morning walk and encapsulate my feelings:

     I believe the voice of the divine, which I so often reference in my posts, implanted thoughts during our vacation about a couple potential blog topics. I plan to write one more post, concluding the “Grace Speaks…” series. Then, I believe I’ll explore thoughts concerning the topics of “Connections…” and “Wrestling…”

     As always, I’ll be praying for you, asking God to use my words to encourage and bless your journey, pointing always to a never-changing God in our ever-changing worlds…

Sue Reeve

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