Becoming an Instrument of Peace…


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     These words taken from a prayer known as The Peace Prayer of St. Francis are powerful, worth pondering and putting into practice.

     In the culture in which God has placed you and me, we are assaulted on a regular basis with the impact of







                                   darkness and


     I’m asking God to use my one puny, seemingly insignificant life as a conduit through which flows







                                   light and


     I hope you’ll want to join me in the pursuit of peace, beginning in our families, neighborhoods, workplaces, faith communities—even throughout the world.

     I’d love you to share examples of how you are doing that. What has God been saying to your heart about this matter?

Dear Heavenly Father…Please, help me—help us—to become more effective, influential instruments of your peace!

Blessings to all…

Sue Reeve

3 thoughts on “Becoming an Instrument of Peace…

  1. I went to a Catholic all-girl high school in California and at the entrance to the campus was a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Before graduation, each senior was given a “plaque” with that prayer and a picture of St. Francis on it. It is perhaps my most favorite prayer of all time!

  2. Wow, did this hit home! I’m in an extremely difficult situation in my life right now and have prayed for “direction” of some kind in helping someone I love so dearly. There is so much darkness, discord, and despair right now and I’m trying to find a way to help. I recall this prayer, but haven’t read it in quite a while; and actually, it exudes everything that I feel I need in moving forward with this person. Maybe, I just needed a “reminder”.
    So, thank you so much for giving me my answer! God Bless……

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