Beginning our Journey

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.

We have only today.  Let us begin.”
― Mother Teresa

 Sue Reeve

     I arrived a bit early for my scheduled 15-minute consultation with an editor at a Christian writer’s conference. I wanted to discuss my dream of writing a book. A dream I couldn’t seem to shake.

“The title must be Listening on the Journey,” I told the editor. “Why’s that important?” she probed.

No hesitation here. “Because, I’m convinced at my core that each person’s story is worthwhile. I want to encourage people to listen with their hearts as they journey through life. Listening motivates us to consider carefully the way we live. The telling of our stories helps connect dots of understanding so we’re able to keep moving—instead of getting bogged down in one segment of life. Finally, I’m convinced a person’s story is a gift to those whose lives we influence.” Whew! Time for a good, long breath!

“Okay,” she nodded. “So, who’s your target audience?” “Women,” I replied.

“What segment of women?” This editor’s persistence was beginning to annoy me. “Well, I’m of the Baby Boomer generation, and we Boomers are contemplating our legacy. But, beyond Boomers, I hope younger women might read what I’ve written and contemplate more strategically the way they’re traveling through life.”

“Hmmm! I like it!” the editor replied.

We chatted a bit longer. She provided helpful suggestions every novice author needs to hear.

But, I kept revisiting her encouraging “Hmmm!” It had felt like a gentle breeze on a hot, sticky day.

This Listening on the Journey site is an extension of that conversation. Technology has altered the world of wannabe authors. While I treasure the experience of curling up with a book—hearing the flicking sound of turning pages, underlining parts that intrigue or challenge me, scribbling notes in the margins—I also honor the culture in which I’ve been placed. I want to embrace modes of communication unique to our 21st Century.

“How,” I’ve asked myself multiple times, “can I achieve my objective of reaching women?” I conclude, quite simply—it will happen through stories. This site will be filled with all types of stories. My stories. Other women’s stories. Perhaps segments of your story. Not grand, fantastical tales, but stories of the everyday stuff defining our days.

I liked the observation of Gretchen Rubin in her new book, Better Than Before.  She stated: “I often learn more from one person’s idiosyncratic experiences than I do from scientific studies or philosophical treatises.”  I agree.  I treasure a good story!  Stories motivate me. Give me courage to persevere. Paint bigger pictures. Inspire grander, nobler endeavors. Stories help me connect puzzling pieces of life.

I have no desire to tell you what your story “should” look like or what steps you “should” take to make things happen. To be honest, I’m still trying to figure that out. Instead, I’d like you to join me, and together, we’ll explore paths that will eventually lead us to our heart’s desires.

An intriguing tale exposes the reader to degrees of conflict and pain. Some chapters are raw, perplexing, dark—at times, faith shattering. But, the kind of stories that hold me spellbound—the types of stories included in this blog—will always contain jewels of hope, love and happiness.

 Jewels shine brightest when placed on a velvety black backdrop. 

     As I begin this endeavor, you can expect from me (That is, unless technology fails to cooperate—or my ability fails to cooperate with technology!):

  • Monday postings—Monday Morning Musings, I call them.
  • Thursday Thoughts will be posted each Thursday.
  • Discovery through Listening on Your Journey will conclude many posts.
  • In addition to the weekly blogs, I’ll include periodic true inspirational stories of specific women I’ve been privileged to interview. The central character of each is a real, live person with whom I’ve visited, but most have been given pseudonyms—usually handpicked by the woman interviewed.

                                                                                             Look forward to chatting again soon,                                                                                           Sue Reeve

Listening on Your Journey:

  • Whose story has inspired you? In what way(s) has your life journey been altered as a result of that story? What motivated you to take the first step to begin a new direction?
  • Listening with your heart, what would the ideal story of “YOUR” journey look like? What steps have you taken or what paths have you discovered that are leading in the direction of your heart’s desires?


carpediem My husband, Ron, took this photo during one of our early morning walks. The name on this beautiful boat, docked at the Coeur d’Alene Resort Marina, caught my attention.                 Carpe Diem (Latin for “Seize the Day”)—a good reminder to embrace the gift of each new day.


2 thoughts on “Beginning our Journey

  1. Hmmmm….
    I do hope you don’t give up the dream of writing a book. I can’t throw my computer at the cats when they’re fighting. (just kidding) Seriously though, a lot of beautiful stuff I’ve read on the ‘net gets lost in cyberspace but my books are my treasures, as I’m sure yours would be.
    As for women who have inspired me…Joan of Arc, Heidi Baker, Joni Ericksson-Tada, Fanny Crosby, Cory Ten-Boom, Beth Moore…to name a few. I’ll be thinking about your 2nd question.
    LYBY, s

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