Bidding Farewell to a Trustworthy Car…

     Recently, I learned my oldest granddaughter’s beloved car, which she’d named Pearl, had been declared beyond repair.

     This past spring when we attended her college graduation, Sydney told me she felt certain prayer had been the power that kept Pearl running until she graduated. She was hoping prayer might keep her running a little bit longer, but unfortunately, Pearl was unable to hang in there for quite as long as Sydney had hoped.

     Our granddaughter spent her last two years of college studying at University of Nevada in Reno. Her first winter in Reno was extra snowy and quite a shock to our California-grand girl. Pearl didn’t let Syd down, though, as she slid around, learning to navigate in the snow.

     Pearl carried Sydney safely over the infamous 7,000-foot-high Donner Pass on more than one occasion so she wouldn’t miss family celebrations.

     Pearl transported our granddaughter and her friends during happy times and, also, carried her through some sad and stressful seasons.

     I have no intention of saying something silly right now like, “RIP, Pearl, in that Great Junkyard in the Sky!” Certainly, a good car can become a good friend, but I realize its mechanical design has no eternal value.

     Sydney’s recent loss, though, brought to my memory a time when I needed to part with a very special vehicle, and a portion of my heart relates to Sydney’s sadness over losing Pearl.

     Several years ago, my husband, Ron, told me he thought it was time to bid adieu to my Toyota Camry. Its odometer registered over 242,000 miles, and the trustworthy vehicle was showing increasing signs of wear and tear. Sadly, I said, “Good-bye” to the little green car that frequently had felt as holy as a beautiful cathedral, a sacred sanctuary where my spirit joined with the God of the Universe.

     After parting with my green Camry—a vehicle I never named—I wrote a story about my special experience with the car. I will share that story with you in the two upcoming Listening on the Journey… posts.

     I hope you’ll enjoy the story. And, I hope Sydney will enjoy her new transportation buddy, this sweet Hyundai Santa Fe Sport!

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     Wherever your journey is taking you today, I pray God will bless you…

Sue Reeve

Sue Reeve


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