Can Self-Awareness Lead to God-Awareness?

     In one of my earliest studies concerning soul care—I cannot recall the source—I read, “Self-awareness is essential to God-awareness.” At first, I was skeptical. Isn’t a ‘good’ Christian supposed to love God, love others and die to self?

     Dying to self and growing in self-awareness didn’t seem compatible.

     The more deeply I delved, however, the more I realized I cannot die to self when I am unaware of what it is to which I need to ‘die.’

     What are some of the factors contributing to a lack of self-awareness?

  • Deeply engrained patterns of behavior and beliefs passed down to our soul.
  • Lies we’ve believed because of inaccurate messages spoken into our soul.
  • Pollutants inherent in each of our God-given strengths that muddy our soul.
  • Residing as a fallen soul in a fallen world inhabited by families, neighbors and leaders who also have imperfect souls.
  • A very real enemy of the soul whose core value is deceit and primary job description is to entice us to believe lies which keep our souls confused, condemned and chaotic.

     What are some of the benefits of developing greater self-awareness?

     First, greater self-awareness helps me recognize both strengths and weaknesses plus benefits and hindrances inherent in my unique design.

     At this point, I have decisions to make. Will I find pride in my strengths and ignore or make excuses for my weaknesses? Or, will I work with humility to develop my strengths with an attitude of gratitude; and, will I acknowledge humbly my weaknesses, asking God for grace to guide me as I alter unhelpful beliefs and behaviors.

     The greater my self-awareness, the less I’m inclined to obsess about self. The less I concentrate on my fears, failures, regrets, personal preferences and rights, the more I am free to think about God’s goodness, will and ways.

     The more I think about God, the more accurately and less co-dependently I can love each person with whom my life intersects. I am empowered to discern and set healthy Christ-like boundaries without feeling guilt or blame.

     Can self-awareness lead to greater God-awareness? I believe the answer is an unequivocal “YES!”

Blessings on your journey of self-awareness leading to greater God-awareness…

Sue Reeve

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