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Forever Faithful…

      If you’re married, do you ever think about the vows you made on your wedding day? Lately, I’ve been doing just that. On June 8th, Ron and I celebrated our 40th anniversary. The vows I wrote all those years ago included this promise, “I will always be your faithful wife.”

      A few days before our anniversary, Ron and I spent an amazing day in Yellowstone National Park with our friends Lonie and Larry. One of our first stops was Old Faithful Inn, a spectacular lodge that’s over 100 years old and a short walk to Old Faithful Geyser.

      Since it was named in 1870, Old Faithful has remained true to both its name and its mission. Even though the years have brought certain changes, according to Wikipedia, the cone geyser is “a highly predictable geothermal feature, which has erupted every 44 to 125 minutes since 2000.”

      During the last 40 years, many changes have occurred in our marriage. My vow to be a “faithful wife” has looked differently during different seasons. As is the case with Old Faithful, years have brought about certain changes.

      Curious about characteristics of faithfulness, I looked up the word faithful in the dictionary and found these synonyms: loyal, devoted, constant, unwavering, dedicated, committed, trustworthy, dependable and reliable. Although I certainly know I haven’t been a perfect wife, I do believe I’ve fulfilled my vow to be a faithful partner to the man who’s become the most important person in my life.

      As I think about changes bound to occur in our marriage in the years to come, I realize life doesn’t come with a lot of guarantees. There is, however, one guarantee that’s been around a lot longer than the legendary geyser in Yellowstone Park and certainly, much, much longer than our 40-year marriage. My hope and prayer today, as I explore with you the topic of being faithful, is that forever, I’ll join with the psalmist who declared,

I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever!
Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.
Your unfailing love will last forever.

~ Psalms 89:1 & 2a (NLT)

Ron and his ‘Old Faithful’ at Old Faithful Inn located in Yellowstone Park.

May you be blessed with the assurance of God’s unfailing love that will last forever…

Sue Reeve

Recalling a Recent Getaway…

     In last week’s posts I explained June is a very busy month in our family, starting with our son-in-law’s birthday June 2nd followed by my birthday June 3rd and our anniversary on June 8th.

     Added to this year’s family festivities, Ron and I enjoyed a wonderful mini vacation to Montana. All these special events have left little time to sit down and write. I hope you’ll enjoy and won’t object to a few ‘fluffy’ posts. Naturally, I’ll include some of Ron’s photos plus random thoughts from our recent getaway.

     I lived my first 18 years as a Montana girl. I love this big, beautiful state.

     As we crossed over yet another mountain pass on our recent trip to southwestern Montana, Ron asked, “What did that Elevation sign say?” “I’m sorry,” I replied, “I wasn’t paying attention. I was thinking about prepositions!” Ron shook his head knowingly. After 40 years of marriage, my husband realizes my mind wanders while on a road trip. He watches for signs that inform geographical trivia such as elevation, while it’s not uncommon for me to muse about active verbs, descriptive adjectives or, in this latest instance, prepositions!

     In case you’ve forgotten high school English, prepositions are words indicating relationships to other words. Our recent trip could be called a “preposition trip.” As we traveled through small Montana towns toward destinations in order to renew old acquaintances, we drove beneath Montana’s famed ‘big sky.” As we drove, I thought, I love living in Coeur d’Alene, (the hamlet I’ve called home for over 27 years) but I sure do cherish the fact I’m from Montana.

Montana is a land of:

not only big skies, but snow-capped mountains, grassy plains and raging rivers,

hard-working cowboys,

ramshackle homesteads with sod roofs, undoubtedly filled with tales of happiness and hardship,

miles and miles of railroad tracks, and

old, single-lane, wood-decked bridges (This one crosses the Jefferson River).

     Montana embodies the spirt of the Wild West. I imagine it is not only home of big skies but also big dreams. All good work, I’m convinced, begins with a big dream. Author Roy T. Bennett said, “There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.” [1]

     Dreams whisper to the soul, and without them, the soul becomes dry and barren. How grateful I am for my time growing up in Montana where some of my biggest dreams were birthed under those big skies.

     I’d like to conclude today’s post with a quote I found recently and liked a lot, accompanied by some of Ron’s photos of Montana birds.

A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.
~ Suzy Kassem

While in Montana, we saw yellow-headed blackbirds,

a Hawk hunting for dinner,

a Bluebird bringing a big black bug home for dinner, and

finally, a Western Kingbird, who perhaps (although I doubt it) like me, is pondering prepositions.

May your life be blessed with big, beautiful dreams…

Sue Reeve



Listen to the Longings…

      Longings lie deep within the secret place of our hearts.

            A desire that won’t go away.

                  The inner voice that won’t be silenced.

                        A dream that doesn’t die.

                              A flicker of hope that can’t be extinguished.

      Despite sometimes improbable or seemingly insurmountable odds, longings keep bobbing to the surface of our imaginations.

      Sometimes we know immediately our desire is divine, but often it takes a while before we begin to wonder: Is it possible my longing originated in God’s mind?

      I’ve found the voice of longing can be tough to distinguish. Static of everyday busyness distorts the sound. Flags of doubt wave. Unanswerable “how to…?” and “what if…?” questions keep emerging. I hear my resistance and uncertainty in statements beginning, “Yes…but…”

      Sometimes the voice fades for a season, but then it returns—persistent, gnawing. The tugging on my spirit reminds me of the days when a tenacious three-year-old, pulled on my shirt tail, insisting, “mommy, mommy, mommy,” until finally…

      I stopped and gave full attention to the voice.

      I wonder if the psalmist, David, was thinking about longings when he wrote Psalm 37. In verse 4, David declares, “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

      When first introduced to this verse, I interpreted it to mean I was responsible for determining my heart’s desires after which I’d inform God what to give me. Later, in a spiritual aha moment, I realized, No, it’s not about ME! The Divine Spirit establishes and aligns my heart’s desires with those of a trustworthy God.

      If my longing has been planted divinely, then details occurring in my every day, ordinary life will be used eventually to help establish the longing. There’s a lot of truth in the saying, Whom God calls, God equips.

      When I, when you, keep listening to the interior whisper, in time tour longings will take form. Confidence grows until we become convinced the longing is attainable.

Praying for you as you listen to your longings…

Sue Reeve