Celebrating our Stories – Making Memories…

The memory of the righteous is blessed,
But the name of the wicked will rot.

Proverbs 10:7 (NKJV)

     Memories are powerful. Ask any counselor, therapist, or pastor who will testify to the long-term, devastating effects of childhood abuse, particularly when perpetrated by an authority figure who was intended to be what the writer of Proverbs calls ‘righteous.’

     Kind, trustworthy, affirming, protective, honest. These are some adjectives that come to mind when I think about a ‘righteous’ man or woman.

     On the other hand, watch how the face of an adult who has warm happy memories lights up when recalling pleasant family celebrations, church or special community events.

     Yes, a plethora of emotions are ignited as a result of our memories.

     One way to build delightful memories is through family birthday celebrations. We recently gathered to celebrate our youngest grandchild, Reeve Benjamin’s fourth birthday. One of the photos we try to get at each of Reeve’s birthdays is one that mimics the photo taken in the hospital the day he was born. The newborn is flanked by the two very fine men who are his namesakes—Grandpa Ron Reeve and Uncle Benjamin (Ben) Olson.

Grandpa Ron Reeve and Uncle Ben Olson with their newborn namesake, Reeve Benjamin Olson

     These photos serve to remind me that the way we live our life today may have long-term consequences for subsequent generations.

     If you are the product of ‘righteous’ ancestors, thank God for your memories of that blessed heritage. Pass it on!

     If ‘righteous’ ancestry isn’t part of your history, thank God, creator of gracious new beginnings, that you have an opportunity to begin creating godly memories for your children and even future generations.

4-year old Reeve Benjamin with ‘Papa Ron and Uncle Ben

Happy birthday, Reeve, and blessings to all memory-makers reading this post…

Sue Reeve

P. S. No doubt about it, I’m an idea person. New ideas are always floating around in my brain. One of my favorite prayers is to ask God for the gift of ideas (sometimes to my husband’s chagrin!).

     One of my favorite roles is that of grandma, and over my 25 years of being a grandmother, I’ve incorporated a lot of different ideas in attempts to enhance relationships with our grandchildren and to leave a legacy of loving memories. Many people have asked me to share some of my ideas, so I decided to share one today.

     For the past several years, instead of giving our two younger grandkiddos birthday cards, we put together a little photo book—one of those 24-page photo books you can pick up easily (usually find mine on sale at Michael’s). The first page is a ‘happy birthday’ greeting. The next 23 pages are filled with photos telling a story of special moments we’ve shared with the children throughout the past year.

     The kids love these little books and assembling them always brings joy to Ron’s and my hearts. Plus, my practical side prefers spending a couple extra bucks for a meaningful memento that won’t be tossed in the trash.

     If you like this idea, please feel free to use it.

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