Combating ‘Less Than’ Feelings…

     Do you ever feel ‘less than?’

     Yeah, me too.

     Yesterday, I spent time with a person whose presence leaves me feeling ‘less than.’ Today, I’ve been trying to examine the spirit lying beneath these troublesome emotions.

     ‘Less than’ feelings are oppressive. They:

          crush creativity,

               exhaust emotional energy,

                    overwhelm objectivity.

     ‘Less than’ perceptions take a spiritual toll on me because they:

          stifle my soul,

               trample my truth,

                    weaken my will.

     This morning as I examined how to handle yesterday’s ‘less than’ encounter, some options I’ve considered—even practiced—in the past surfaced:

     I could choose to have a heart to heart conversation with this person. Not a bad option, but in this situation, I cannot imagine it would be a beneficial conversation for either of us.

     I could retreat and lick my ‘less than’ wounds. Sometimes a short-term pity party provides beneficial catharsis, but I knew that exercise would be a waste of time today.

     I could accept that the ‘less than’ conversations playing in my head are accurate, but in my heart of hearts, I know they’re based on distorted insecurities.

     I could malign this individual, attempting to bolster my ‘less than’ ego. While that may have been a consideration in the past, the mere thought of such petty behavior now leaves a yucky residue.

     This morning in my time of contemplative prayer and scripture reading (lectio divina), a simple sentence spoke of a solution to dealing with those times when I’m feeling ‘less than:’

The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed… (Psalms 9:9 ESV)

When I’m feeling oppressed by a person’s presence, the LORD is my stronghold!

     When my worthiness feels diminished,

          when I’m feeling vulnerable or inadequate,

               when I’m feeling timid or intimidated,

     the LORD is my stronghold!

     Yes, God is so much ‘more than’ my ‘less than!’

     Will today’s realization the LORD is my stronghold guarantee I’ll never experience ‘less than’ feelings again?

     Probably not.

     I suspect one of these days, I’ll once again grapple with the oppressive sense of inadequacy. The reassurance I received from scripture today, however, has given me a weapon of truth with which to fight a lie the enemy of my soul delights in perpetrating.

     I plan to meditate on this truth until it penetrates deeply into my soul.

     If you, like me, are prone to occasional encounters with the pesky pest of ‘less than,’ I pray the words, the LORD is my stronghold will encourage you.

Blessings on your journey…

Sue Reeve

2 thoughts on “Combating ‘Less Than’ Feelings…

  1. Thank you for this reminder, Sue. Yes indeed, I experience those “less than” feelings. I know that God would not want me to believe that lie. His word is truth and His love abounds. He knows me, knows my heart, and knows when I go through these feelings. I believe His words are the balm on my inadequacy feelings. Thank you for reminding me of this today!

  2. Oh how true are your words to my heart! BUT – I know it’s a lie because the God who created me doesn’t make junk! I also know that Satan wants me to believe the lie so that I will doubt God’s love for me. Well, that ain’t gonna happen! Thank you for the strong words (pun intended): the Lord is my stronghold!

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