Considering Easter Monday, Change and Transition…

Today is Easter Monday. I hope each of you had a meaningful Easter weekend. I’ve been thinking about how Jesus’ friends felt that first Easter Monday. Change and transition is never easy, and these men and women were placed smack dab in the middle of history’s most profound period of change and transition. I can only imagine the range of their thoughts and emotions.

     After a couple years of retirement, I felt God wanted me to maximize the change and transition that came with retirement and take the next step into a ministry calling I had felt since childhood. Where in the world would I start? I found the answer began by working with a Christian life coach.

     My final session with the life coach I’d been working with off and on for over two years had arrived. Coaching had been an impactful experience. With guidance from Jodi, I had made many meaningful discoveries. Life coaching had been so helpful that I decided to pursue my own certification as a personal life coach, which I received a little over one year ago.

     During my last coaching session, I told Jodi, “I feel like God is trying to say something to me, and I just can’t put my finger on what it is.”

     I’d had this feeling enough times to give it the name of ‘Divine Discontentment.’ Experience had taught me it was nothing to fear, and would, in fact, take me on a new God-designed adventure.

     “Have you ever considered working with a spiritual director?” Jodi asked. That question led to a whole new level of personal spiritual discovery, which I’ll undoubtedly be writing about in the next few months.

     I imagine many of Jesus’ disciples felt ‘Divine Discontentment’ on Easter Monday.

          “Why? Why?” they asked. The disbelief felt overwhelming.

               “What was the meaning, the purpose of the past three years?”

                    “How will we put the pieces of our broken identifies together again?”

                         “Where do we go from here?”

     In my perplexing season of change and transition, working with a life coach helped me put together pieces of my life-purpose puzzle.

     The friends and followers of Jesus were about to encounter the most amazing life coach—The Holy Spirit—the Advocate Jesus promised He’d send. Their questions would gain new clarity. ‘Divine Discontentment’ would lead them into the fullness of their calling. They would discover strength, courage and abilities beyond their wildest imaginations. They would preach, teach, write letters that would become books read by millions. They would be faithful to carry the message of Jesus to people living in the time and culture in which had God placed them.

     This Easter Monday 2019, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to those original followers of Jesus. I also feel a keen awareness that the same Spirit who guided them into their next steps is available to you and me.

     Have you, like me, ever felt an interior voice was trying to say something to a deep place in your spirit, and you wondered what to do with that feeling? If you think working with a personal coach might be helpful, I’d love to talk with you. You may contact me at

Blessings on your journey of discovery…

Sue Reeve

During our recent Arizona vacation, I was fascinated by this small stone house built into the rocks at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park. I can imagine sitting in front of this window, asking God, “Where do I go from here!”

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