Contemplative Prayer and Soul Care…

     For readers who followed Listening on the Journey… during 2017, you may recall my theme for that year was Soul Care Discovery. During 2017, I was introduced to contemplative (listening) prayer. This discovery led me not only to an amazing new dimension of soul care but also to the faraway land of Spain where I was privileged to participate in an educational pilgrimage and 4-day contemplative prayer retreat.

     I’m far from an expert on the spiritual discipline of contemplative prayer. As I continue to practice silent ‘listening’ prayer, however, I’m experiencing a quietude of spirit I’ve never known before, and my soul longs for more!

     One recent Sunday, I celebrated another birthday. (Oh, my, they seem to arrive more quickly each year!) A portion of my special day was spent strolling with my husband through the beautiful Manito Gardens in Spokane, Washington.

     Today’s post includes photos Ron took during our late spring Manito Garden birthday walk as well as some of my insights regarding contemplative prayer.

     Each birthday and each new season assure us the world in which we live keeps changing. I hope these photos and thoughts will remind you that despite our always-changing worlds, we can trust in a never-changing God.

Blessings on your journey of ‘listening…’

Sue Reeve

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