Discovering My Soul’s God-Design…

     I write and speak often about the soul. Throughout the many years of my journey, I’ve developed a holistic view of the soul.

     To me, the soul is the entirety of a person. Housed in our physical bodies, the soul includes a full range of emotions, relationships, thoughts, disciplines and decisions. The very heartbeat of a soul is the spirit. What’s in the spirit flows outward, impacting every part of a person.

     I believe individual souls are designed by God to do God’s good work!

     When the Spirit of Christ is invited into the human spirit, more Christ-like characteristics begin to develop. The more like Jesus we are, the more we’re living according to our God design.

     The rate at which we grow seems to be commensurate to our willingness to say, “yes” to the prompting of God’s Spirit. As we cooperate with changes God desires, more and more of Jesus’ nature begins to impact every nook and cranny of our beings.

     Since retiring from a longtime government career a few years ago, I have spent much time, poured a lot of energy and invested significant resources into learning as much as possible about the matter of caring for one’s soul.

     Soul care is not only important for an individual and those with whom they interact, but I’m convinced, the way we tend our souls matters deeply to God.

     Working with both a Jesus-loving life coach and wise, knowledgeable spiritual directors has helped me immensely in this process. Because of these interactions I felt led to become certified as a life coach and recently, to begin a certification program which will lead to becoming a spiritual director.

     Much of my learning is reflected in blogs posted Mondays and Thursdays of each week.

     Thank you for reading them, for your partnership in my journey, and blessings to each God-designed friend reading this post…

Sue Reeve

1 thought on “Discovering My Soul’s God-Design…

  1. I truly believe that soul care is intrinsic to our “whole” care and love how you described what it was that led you to the point at which you are now. I wish you many blessings on your journey to becoming whatever the Lord has planned for you and feel blessed to “tag along”!

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