Happy Birthday, Dearest Granddaughters…

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     I became a grandma for the first time on November 22nd. The wonder of watching Sydney Marie make her grand entrance from my daughter’s womb into a, wide, waiting, welcoming world is one etched forever in my mind. That day, my heart expanded with a love I never imagined possible.

     Then, two years and one day later, November 23rd—Thanksgiving Day that year—my capacity to love expanded even more when my second granddaughter, Mackenzie Kathryn, made her debut.

     In today’s Listening on the Journey… blog post, I’d like to celebrate these two amazing young women.

     Sydney is an exuberant extrovert.


     Mackenzie is a deep-thinking, sometimes somber, introvert.


     Each is beautiful inside and outside.


Practicing outer beauty at Mimi’s house!

     Each is smart. Both will graduate from college in 2017—Sydney from University of Nevada Reno and Mackenzie from University of California Santa Cruz.

     Each has a unique, delightful—sometimes quirky—sometimes goofy—sense of humor.


Clowning around during a trip we took with Sydney, Mackenzie and Jackson to Williamsburg, VA and Washington, D.C. Oh, what memories we made!

Each cares about and is loyal to family.


Junior bridesmaids at Auntie Sarah’s wedding.

     I’ve said it many times, but today, it feels worth repeating. My favorite life roles have been those of wife, mother and grandmother. My prayer for each one of my granddaughters is that one day, those will be included in their favorite life roles.

     Happy birthday, Sydney and Kenzie. Each of you is loved wildly by your Grandma Susie—or, as Syd has dubbed me, ‘Granny!’

     Blessings on your journeys….

     Grandma Sue Reeve


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dearest Granddaughters…

  1. Ah, the joys of grandmotherhood! Such a wonderful tribute! I love our 3 granddaughters and we’re excited to welcome a fourth grandchild in April.

  2. Beautiful message with two beautiful grand-daughters! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family…..

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