Letting Go…Relinquishing Fear

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For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV)

Beauty in the Storm

Sue Reeve

     Ominous storm clouds gathered on the horizon as the elevation increased. This wasn’t the predicted forecast we heard prior to leaving our house in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, this December morning. If we had known, I probably would have insisted we cancel plans to make a quick trip over the Cascade Mountains to attend my sister’s surprise birthday party.

     I tend to choose the path of caution.

     Filled with his typical adventurous spirit, Ron insisted we travel on. With the plop of each huge new snowflake, I became increasingly aware of the hazardous road conditions. Ron’s obvious enjoyment of this opportunity to test his new car’s four-wheel drive capabilities annoyed me. Any excitement I’d had about this Saturday excursion evaporated, giving way to concern. Tension mounted. Muscles in my neck tightened as we traveled onward and upward into the storm.

     What if Ron is driving too fast for conditions? He should slow down! What if we slide off the road and down the mountainside? Perhaps we should go back home and call my sister this evening with our well wishes instead of running this risk.

     Why don’t you stop what if-ing and should-ing, sit back and focus on the journey rather than your fears,” a still, small voice within suggested. Then, I turned and fixed my eyes to look—truly look—at the magnificent gift of the present.

     As we journeyed deeper into the storm, the beauty became more and more exquisite. Anxious thoughts turned into wondrous exclamations.

     “Have you ever seen such gigantic snowflakes?”

     “These trees look like they’ve been adorned with extravagant amounts of white puff paint!”

     Anxiety decreased as wonder and appreciation increased.

     “Isn’t God’s gift of creation amazing?”

     “Can you believe this beauty? Just think what we would’ve missed if we’d turned back!”

     I marveled.

          Anxiety lessened.

               Muscles relaxed.

     Before long, we reached the mountain pass summit. As we descended, snowflakes softened, becoming delicate, eventually turning into soft raindrops.

     Soon we were laughing and hugging my thoroughly surprised sister.

     Pondering this trip through the storm, I recognize some parallels in my life. How often have I retreated cautiously when encountering the possibility of a personal storm? In the middle of an uncomfortable situation, do I fret rather than breath deeply, relax and travel on with confidence? How many serendipitous moments have I missed because I turned back rather than pressed on? How many of God’s special gifts have remained unopened because I was what-if-ing or should-ing?

     At this stage of my journey, I have no aspirations to become a storm chaser. I will continue to live life practicing prudent caution. The mountain experience, however, kindled a desire to live more fully, approaching life’s storms with greater confidence. I want to use the resources God gives, travel forward and discover exquisite beauty, even during life’s troublesome storms. I want to

press on……savor….and see—truly see—

the hand of God in each new day, the promise even in the problem.

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Listening on YOUR Journey…

  • What beauty has been revealed to you during one of life’s storms?
  • What new perspective did you gain as a result of the revelation?

4 thoughts on “Letting Go…Relinquishing Fear

  1. You gave me this scripture 41 years ago when Larry went to work at the fire department and I was home alone 24 hours with a new baby and a 4 year old. I had anxious moments those first nights of sleeping alone … I’ve thought of the scripture through the years when I have had anxious thoughts and I’ve been able to relax and enjoy the peace that only God can give. Thank you for being part of my ‘journey’ Susie :). Happy Thursday

  2. Going on a 6 week trip, to visit my sister and her husband. Leaving Nov. 23. I am a home body, so have had a few moments of anxiety at the thought of being gone for so long. As I read this and you remarked, “Soon I was hugging my sister.” It helped me to think, yes! That’s what I will be doing soon. I am going because it is on my bucket list, to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with them. Should be a great experience.

    1. Thanks, Sharon….Writing words that might help another woman navigate her journey with a little greater ease is very important to me. God has been so very good and gracious with me and has also given me a desire and ability to craft words. I want to be faithful to do that. Your words encourage me! Thanks, and have a WONDERFUL time with your sis!

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