Letting Go & Moving on….

Sue Reeve

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     My favorite season, autumn, was just beginning when we started a journey of exploration into “letting go.” The road on which we traveled took some unexpected twists and turns for me. I feel like I’ve benefited personally from writing these posts the past few weeks. I’ve discovered some areas in my life I’m feeling God is asking me to “relinquish.” From some of the comments I’ve received from readers, I believe this topic was one that resonated with many of you as well.

     The process of relinquishing my will to the will of God is one I’ve thought about repeatedly for many years and have tried to practice. I’ll admit, I’ve often been quite unsuccessful. As my journey of faith progresses, however, my trust in God grows. Each day I become convinced just a little bit more that I serve a God whose very character is loving, good and faithful, a God who will never abandon me and will always work together everything in my life to an eternally good purpose. As my trust grows, it becomes easier to pray, “Not my will, but thy will be done,” although some days, I confess, it’s easier than others!

     Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees now. A skiff of snow covers the ground, and we’re definitely traveling into winter. While I’m never enthusiastic about winter, I absolutely love the month of December.

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     Like a little kid, a sense of excited anticipation builds up within me each day of December leading up to Christmas. I love everything about this time of year:

     Scents of Christmas: pungent pine and spicy gingerbread;

     Sounds of Christmas: tinkling bells, Christmas carols and children’s excited little voices;

       Colors of Christmas: red, green, silver, gold and winter white;

         Festivities of Christmas: getting together with friends and family;

          Greetings of Christmas: once-a-year cards with updates from longtime                                                                                          friends; “Merry Christmas” wishes from a stranger who                                                                    feels suddenly like a friend.

     Mostly, though, I love the lights of Christmas. My least favorite part of winter is shortened days. I truly dislike coming home in the dark. The only thing that’s worse is coming home to a dark house when it’s dark. One special gift Ron gives me each December is putting Christmas lights around the windows of our home and making certain those lights plus the lights on the Christmas tree, showcased in the front window, are lit when I drive up to the house.

     In each blog post during December, I want to thank God for one good gift of Christmas.

Today, I thank you, God, for giving Jesus, The Light who illuminates the paths of my life journey.

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     Jesus … said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
Wishes for a blessed Christmas season…


(Photos by Connie Lloyd)

3 thoughts on “Letting Go & Moving on….

  1. Sue,
    It was so nice to meet you at the Ceremony of Remembrance this year <3

    Thank you for your time and dedication to the "Listening on the Journey" blog. The photos are fantastic as well as the words of wisdom you share. You are right, God always has a purpose for our lives. Even when we can't see it or are to busy to take it in, His blessings always surround us as he does. I would do well to slow down more often to listen to his voice.

    I don't make New Year's resolutions, but am making a New Year's prayer to be repeated and posted as a daily reminder…Dear Lord God, Thank you for your presence, always. Lord God, help me to focus on and soak in your Voice of Truth, Love, and Blessings. Open my eyes to your will for me. Lead me, guide me, and I know You will always walk beside me. I want to glorify your name with my life! In Your Son's Holy Name, Jesus Christ, AMEN

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