Listen to the Longings…

      Longings lie deep within the secret place of our hearts.

            A desire that won’t go away.

                  The inner voice that won’t be silenced.

                        A dream that doesn’t die.

                              A flicker of hope that can’t be extinguished.

      Despite sometimes improbable or seemingly insurmountable odds, longings keep bobbing to the surface of our imaginations.

      Sometimes we know immediately our desire is divine, but often it takes a while before we begin to wonder: Is it possible my longing originated in God’s mind?

      I’ve found the voice of longing can be tough to distinguish. Static of everyday busyness distorts the sound. Flags of doubt wave. Unanswerable “how to…?” and “what if…?” questions keep emerging. I hear my resistance and uncertainty in statements beginning, “Yes…but…”

      Sometimes the voice fades for a season, but then it returns—persistent, gnawing. The tugging on my spirit reminds me of the days when a tenacious three-year-old, pulled on my shirt tail, insisting, “mommy, mommy, mommy,” until finally…

      I stopped and gave full attention to the voice.

      I wonder if the psalmist, David, was thinking about longings when he wrote Psalm 37. In verse 4, David declares, “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

      When first introduced to this verse, I interpreted it to mean I was responsible for determining my heart’s desires after which I’d inform God what to give me. Later, in a spiritual aha moment, I realized, No, it’s not about ME! The Divine Spirit establishes and aligns my heart’s desires with those of a trustworthy God.

      If my longing has been planted divinely, then details occurring in my every day, ordinary life will be used eventually to help establish the longing. There’s a lot of truth in the saying, Whom God calls, God equips.

      When I, when you, keep listening to the interior whisper, in time tour longings will take form. Confidence grows until we become convinced the longing is attainable.

Praying for you as you listen to your longings…

Sue Reeve

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