Loving Words for Special Times

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.

Psalm 19:14

     Before they were born, before I knew whether the child would be a ‘he’ or a ‘she,’ I prayed for each of my children and grandchildren. Consistently, I’ve prayed blessing and protection on each child, even though aspects of my prayers have been adapted as each transitioned from

     unborn to infant

          infant to toddler

               toddler to teen

                    teen to young adult

                         young adult to parent.

     Spring 2017 is a special and busy season for Ron and me. For quite some time, we’ve been preparing to travel hundreds of miles in order to watch our three older grandkids graduate—two from college and one from high school.

     While walking on the track at the gym a few months ago, I asked God to drop into my heart and mind some special words to pray for my young adult granddaughters who would be graduating from college. After a few weeks, I had a list of twelve words documented in my prayer/thankfulness journal. I began praying these twelve words for these two young women who hold such dear places in their grandma’s heart.

     How special it would be to present these words to them when they graduate, I thought. In talking to a young friend, Sarah, she liked the idea and assured me she could take the words and design something I’d be pleased to give my loved ones.

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     Friday, May 19th, we joined a throng of proud parents and grandparents to watch our firstborn ‘grandbaby,’ Sydney Marie, now a beautiful, poised and delightful young woman, receive her diploma from the University of Nevada at Reno.


     Part of Sydney’s college graduation gift was a copy of the words of blessing her ‘granny’ has been praying for her the past few months. The words are showcased in a frame G’Pa Ron made out of cedar boards salvaged from the fence he built around our backyard when Sydney was a baby.

     As our family celebrated the special milestone event of Sydney’s graduation, I was reminded of the

     power of praying for those I love;

          the significance of blessing those I love with affirming, life-giving words;

               the never-ending faithfulness of God who knows and hears.

During this busy springtime season, I’m asking God to bless the journeys of you and those special folks in your life…

Sue Reeve


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