Random Thoughts About Kindness…

(Part 2)

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     Jodi Detrick (http://jodidetrick.com/) is a woman who’s influenced me significantly during the past few years as my personal coach and through her book, The Jesus-Hearted Woman…10 Leadership Qualities for Enduring & Endearing Influence.[1]

     Chapter 8 in The Jesus-Hearted Woman impacted me more than any other chapter. Other chapters focus on vital leadership qualities: confidence, authenticity, humility, stamina, resilience, courage, self-awareness, soul-care and vision—all characteristics that develop as a result of the Holy Spirit’s fruit.

     Kindness is the fruit of the Holy Spirit—the very spirit of Christ living within those who know Him—whose heart’s desire is to yield more of self to him and become conformed more and more into his character.

     Kindness rejuvenates and encourages growth.

     I learned an important lesson about kindness one very warm summer day. We’d experienced an exceptionally hot spell. One afternoon, I observed the tomato plant, growing in a large pot on our deck, was drooping. Its poor leaves were curled shut. I wondered if the plant was diseased and dying. Before writing it off, though, I filled a watering can full and saturated the pot with two gallons of water.

     Within seconds, that pitiful plant perked right up. Its curled-up leaves opened wide, and if a tomato plant smiles, I know that one grinned widely.

     What that tomato plant needed was a dose of kindness—in this case, a long drink of water—to rejuvenate and encourage it to keep doing what God designed tomato plants to do—produce healthy, juicy, delicious fruit.

     One of my favorite ‘Jesus stories’ is about a woman whose name we’re not told, but who’s referred to as ‘The Samaritan woman’ or ‘the woman at the well.’ [2] Jesus, who was physically thirsty, asked this woman—a woman whose heart was undoubtedly bone dry and withered—for a drink of water. In turn, Jesus promised the woman a different kind of water: “…But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” (John 4:14 NLT)

     During the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus at the well, her arid soul was given exactly what it needed—a dose of kindness—in this case a satisfying drink of ‘living water,’ a water that rejuvenated and encouraged her to do what God designed her to do—produce healthy, life-giving fruit.

     Our world is filled with folks—in fact, at times, I’ve been one—whose hearts are dry, discouraged, down in the dumps. It’s been my experience, and is my deep belief, that Jesus—the personification of kindness—wants to saturate our souls with the different kind of water he’s so willing to give.

     I began to see the quality of kindness in a different light after reading Chapter 8 in Jodi’s book. I’ve become much more intentional about showing Christ-like kindness. In fact, I added “Kindness” to my list of core values. Next time we meet, I’ll discuss ‘The Core Value of Kindness.’ Until then…

     May you be refreshed today with kindness….

Sue Reeve

Listening on YOUR Journey

  • In what ways have you been rejuvenated or encouraged by another’s act of kindness? To whom may God be calling you to rejuvenate or encourage by your act of kindness?
  1. The Jesus-Hearted Woman…10 Leadership Qualities for Enduring & Endearing Influence. I recommend this book highly for any woman who wants to influence graciously the world in which she’s been placed.
  2. There are so many rich layers to this story, and I encourage you to read it in John 4.


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