Remembering a Day Full of Joy…

     Last Saturday my husband and I left home early in the morning, stopped at Starbucks, and then headed out of town for a day trip to the farmlands of the Palouse. As Ron drove down country roads, looking for the “just right” photo opportunity, we had some great discussions.

     Between our jaunts down dusty roads, we spent a couple hours walking well-groomed pathways in the 45-acre University of Idaho Arboretum outside Moscow. If you live anywhere nearby, you may want to check out this botanical gem. Several photos from the Arboretum are in today’s post.

     After a nice long walk, we found a restaurant in Moscow, and for the first time in over two months—because of the Covid-19 shutdown—we were able to dine inside.

     I cherish days like this!

          Simple pleasures,

               The beauty of nature,

                    Rich conversation,

                         Time alone with ‘my man,’ my best friend,

                              No need to cook,

                              A day full of joy!

One of many beautiful granite benches in the Arboretum, all with different inscriptions.


The fragrance from a wide variety of lilacs was intoxicating!

   … Let the hills sing out their songs of joy.

Psalm 98:8 (NLT)

God of Wonder,
Thank you for expressing
Your love through
The joy of creation.

Asking God to give you days filled with joy…

Sue Reeve

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